Writer Ákos Kertész, 80, is seeking political asylum in Canada

Last night news spread in Hungarian Internet circles that the Kossuth Prize-winning novelist Ákos Kertész had arrived in Montreal, Canada on February 29 and had turned to immigration authorities asking for political asylum. A couple of hours earlier a Hungarian-language press release was sent to Hungarian media organs officially announcing Kertész's arrival in Canada.

"Following the appearance of Ákos Kertész's open letter in the Amerikai-Magyar Népszava [on August 29, 2011] a hate campaign was launched against him not only in the City Council of Budapest but also in Parliament. At the insistence of Jobbik, the anti-Semite Hungarian Nazi party, the City Council's pro-government majority deprived him of his Freedom of Budapest award. The pro-government media openly incited the extremists against him. As a result he was exposed to constant physical harassment and threats. He was physically attacked in public. He felt that his life was in danger.

"There must be grave reasons for an eighty-year-old writer who is attached to his birthplace in a million ways to come to such a decision and to take such a step full of risks. Kertész's case says a lot about a country from which a writer must escape because of one of his writings. 

"Kertész said'I came to this conclusion with grave difficulty because for me the Hungarian language means life. Hungary is my birthplace, my home. I made this painful decision not against Hungary and the Hungarian people with whom I always shared the same fate. I was forced to make this decision because of the current Hungarian government. I hope that one day I will be able to return to a democratic, tolerant, humane Hungary.' Otherwise, for the time being the writer is not going to make public statements concerning his decision."

What did Ákos Kertész do that upset the Hungarian right so much? He wrote an open letter to László Bartus, editor-in-chief of American-Hungarian Népszava, the oldest Hungarian-language paper in the United States, in which he bitterly complained about Hungarians who are "genetically servile" and who therefore allow the dictatorial Viktor Orbán to rule over them. He said a few harsh things, no doubt about it. He compared his fellow Hungarians to pigs who for the slop the farmer puts in front of them happily grunt, not realizing that they will be killed.

Kertesz Akos3

It was the word "genetically" that caused consternation even in liberal circles because it looked as if Kertész was a racist. However, I read an article by a lexicographer according to whom in Hungarian there is a distinction between "genetikus" and "genetikai." Kertész used the former word. According to the lexicographer, in all existing Hungarian dictionaries "genetikus" simply means "something indicating derivation, origin, development" and not something "relating to genetics or genes." I might add here that the English word "genetic" also has these two meanings. Its second meaning is "of, relating to, or influenced by the origin or development of something." So, strictly speaking, Kertész was talking about an attitude that was influenced by historical development.

wrote about the "Kertész affair" on September 7, 2011, where I indicated that most likely a protracted hate campaign could be expected in the wake of this letter. I brought up the Landeszman case. In 1993 Rabbi Landeszman, after reading István Csurka's attack on Hungarian Jewry, said something negative about Hungarian literature without the input of Jewish writers. Because of the furious attacks, Rabbi Landeszman left for Canada. But I must admit that I didn't think that Ákos Kertész would also end up there.

The attacks in the right-wing media went on for two solid months. The last article I read about the "consequences" of Ákos Kertész's sin was on October 24. Almost two months after the appearance of the infamous letter. As I mentioned in my earlier post it took only a few days for Jobbik to suggest to István Tarlós, mayor of Budapest, that Kertész be deprived of his "Freedom of Budapest" award. Tarlós seemed to be game because "he was appalled." On September 6 he promised that he would discuss the matter with the city fathers. Obviously they didn't need much convincing. On September 21 Kertész lost his "freedom of the city" together with Stalin. Mind you, as it turned out, Stalin's name wasn't even on the rostrum but better safe than sorry, and Tarlós insisted on stripping the Soviet dictator of his nonexistent award. Twenty people (Fidesz and Jobbik) voted for the decision, nine against it, and two abstained. 

Meanwhile others were busy as well. The question of Ákos Kertész's letter was a topic even in parliament. On September 12 a Jobbik member of parliament asked János Halász, political undersecretary of the Ministry of National Resources, whether the government was contemplating stripping Kertész of his Kossuth Prize, the most prestigious artistic award in Hungary. Halász's answer was that Kertész should apologize; if not, "he is not worthy of it." The Jobbik MP was insistent. He asked whether the government was thinking about turning to President Pál Schmitt, who seemed to be quite eager to cooperate in this joint effort. In fact, on September 14, he asked that the government examine the possibility of withdrawing state awards from those who had become unworthy of them. In his letter to Viktor Orbán, Schmitt wrote that an awardee becomes unworthy of the recognition if his behavior "violates the constitutional values of Hungary and of the nation." (In light of Pál Schmitt's alleged plagiarism case, one cannot help but wonder about his own unworthiness of all those awards, including the honorary degrees he received.)

Under the barrage of criticism Kertész admitted that he made a mistake because the phrase "genetically servile" makes no sense. But the attacks didn't stop. On October 24 another Jobbik MP, Sándor Pörzse, asked Viktor Orbán whether the government was planning to do anything about this abomination. "A man [férfiember] cannot suffer abuse without saying something in two cases: if his family is reviled or his nation is assailed." Orbán's answer was that "right-wing, Christian, Hungarian politicians must get accustomed to often ignoble, stupid, racist, abusive comments against Hungarians. And one should decide astutely when to pick up the glove and when to hit back and when not." Surely, one is not happy when a writer who had been awarded the Kossuth Prize "entertains us with racist stupidities." However, he added that there are greater problems in this country than Kertész's case. For example, Ernő Gerő, former first secretary of the Hungarian Communist party at the time of the 1956 Revolution, still hasn't been stripped of his Kossuth Prize. Considering that Gerő died in 1980, it would seem superfluous to strip him of his prize although, as we could see, Tarlós wasn't deterred by Stalin's death. If someone after reading Orbán's answer to Pörzse thought that the prime minister had decided to drop the issue he would have been mistaken. Orbán announced that there will be a new law governing prizes that can be debated in parliament.

The reaction of the right-wing media to Kertész's departure went according to script. Szentkorona Rádió (a station that has no frequency problems) wrote: "One fewer: Ákos Kertész went after Viktória Mohácsi." Mohácsi, of Roma origin, was a liberal member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2009. A few months ago she also sought political asylum in Canada. Szentkorona Rádió included a picture of a pig with the caption: "He can go to Canada to grunt." Right wingers also flooded Népszabadság's article announcing Kertész's move to Canada with hundreds of similar comments. After a few hours the newspaper decided to take them off and closed the article to comment.

It doesn't matter how often government officials or Fidesz politicians, including the Jewish Ágnes Hankiss, Fidesz member of the European Parliament, try to convince the world that there is no anti-Semitism in Hungary, it will be very difficult to maintain that fiction.


  1. @Living with it in Hungary
    In speaking last year with Ronald Lee of the Roma Community Centre in Torono, it seems many refugee claimaints end up leaving voluntarily before the whole process is finished.
    I’m not sure I like Mr. Kertész’s chances if our government is denying an Afghan interpreter’s refugee claim (and he helped keep Canadian soldiers safe in Afghanistan).

  2. Now I have read the Wikipedia article here is a correction. Not plum but apricot. Thank’s to Wondercat for pointing the important detail.
    Ok, the original sentence from rabbi Landeszmann was this: “If we would take away the cultural contribution of the Jews in Hungary we would be left with baggy pants and apricot brandy”.
    It’s a joke basically referring to two typical Hungarian tourist attractions – the traditional shepherd in baggy pants on the “Puszta” (pains), usually with a Puli dog and a pipe, with the obligatory László Kövér style 10 inch mustache and the “whistling bottle” of apricot brandy.
    This is what our Joseph thinks we should deem a racist comment …

  3. Mutt Damon: “”If we would take away the cultural contribution of the Jews in Hungary we would be left with baggy pants and apricot brandy”.
    Why is this offensive to the True Hungarian? Isn’t this just a small part what Orban, Kover and the whole Jobbik have been aiming for?
    Horses, mustache, folk music, palinka, religious and horse studies, pigs in all households and hard labour, throw in “no women health right” for good measure. I can quote from plenty of True Hungarian politicians just that.

  4. This whole business reeks to High Heaven. An old Gent who was very caustic about his own folk gets driven out of his homeland by a bunch of rat-bags who probably could not even write their own name in joined up writing!.
    Professor you paraphrase his writings as being ** “in which he bitterly complained about Hungarians who are “genetically servile” and who therefore allow the dictatorial Viktor Orbán to rule over them. He said a few harsh things, no doubt about it. He compared his fellow Hungarians to pigs who for the slop the farmer puts in front of them happily grunt, not realizing that they will be killed” *. You also say the Hungarian word he used was ** “genetikus” ** which you translate as ** “something indicating derivation, origin, development” and not something “relating to genetics or genes.” **. If the Bandar-log (Fidesz and Jobbik) cannot take such criticism then I suspect that they know the criticism it is correct!
    As to his origins I would a damn well live alongside a person of the Jewish faith who knows he has faults than a self righteous Christian of any sect. My reason is that in his belief “the Hungarians were guiltier in the business of the holocaust than the Germans. The Germans at least confessed their sins and asked forgiveness, which to a large extent they have been. The Hungarians did not and blamed the whole thing on their victims”.
    Professor you wrote in your earlier piece on this matter ** “Kertész is a very bitter man, and I for one sympathize with him.” **. To me his judgement in this affair is sound.

  5. @ Joseph SImon, SOmehow I missed you comment to me at 10:55 regarding “bo gatya es szilvapalinka”. Please read my response at 12:46. I would also like to bring your attention to my post at at 7:27 and 8:29 .
    I would also like you to read dvhr comment at 10:37 from Vikotr Orban 2005!
    So, who is the bigger culprit against Hungarians?
    Quick translation for dvhr’s quote from Viktor Orban:
    “We also need a national left. Of course there are many sceptics, saying, maybe it would be perhaps it is an exaggeration to say genetically, so lets rephrase because of historical determination of, the chances of this is minor.”
    So Joseph, Attila and others, who is the one who should say sorry?

  6. @attilla…response…
    Much better, sir. Perhaps Kertesz has done some sneaky stuff as Kingfisher has pointed out. I’d probably have to delve into the matter and, confessionally, I’ll have to read all of Kertesz’s original offering.
    Problem is, others have said the same, namely Heller Agnes and the wolves’ teeth very everywhere to be seen. As well, Hungarians are, let’s face it, sheep-like. I’ve said it before, Canadian society (in which I grew up)–as quite and docile a group as you can imagine (ok, not the French, but the rest of the country) would’ve been up in arms about 10 months ago. Certainly, they would not have stood to have the Supreme Court altered by the federal government on a whim as Orban has done with the Constitutional Court. There’s a host of other things as well, for instance, no media committee would ever be made up solely by the members of one party regardless of the size of the majority of that party. Anyway, the examples are legion…I can also mention that no government would ever alter the pay structure of say, the head of the central bank in Canada, in mid-term. It’s just not done. Political office, even that of the Prime Minister, does not exercise its power just to show it can do something. Of course, noone would ever even try such a thing in Canada. That it is tolerated–yeah, cheered by the Fidesz nitwits–is a case in point. You just can’t do what Orban has done in 15 months. Of course, the new constitution is laughable.
    While all the above is going on, Orban and his back-room boys are lining up the country to mastermind and control nearly everything. Cause for concern? I’ll say. Orban is no Attaturk.
    Orban is more Putin than most would care to admit.
    While I’ve said all this, do not think I’m left wing, or an MSZP supporter. I had voted for Fidesz in anger at the thieving MSZP.
    Only now do I realize that Hungary is truly fucked: that most, nearly all, politicians are thieves. That problems has never properly been addressed by stringent rules and punishments.
    Well, that’s the way the gang works in Hungary. However, some thieves are much worse than others. Moreover, some, like Orban,
    are vindictive as well.
    Solution: ask that Finn with all the a’s in his name to come and rule the country for ten years. Now THAT would be cleaning up a pigsty!

  7. Kingfisher: “there is an interview with Kertész in A-M Népszava and there he says that he naturally meant all Hungarians, including Jewish Hungarians who after all assimilated to such an extent that they behave as the surrounding society at large.

  8. “are you seriously suggesting that Hungary is institutionally anti-semitic? That someone of Jewish extraction can’t go to the police because of their ethnicity? That is utter nonsense and shameful nonsense at that.” – Kingfisher
    (plucking up a modicum of courage to post again!)
    Our local police station flies a fascist flag outside its main entrance. I don’t know WHY, but it DOES.

  9. This is a ‘chicken or the egg’ argument about Kertesz’s behaviour.
    An 80 yr old man leaves his home country where he’s been a thrice decorated writer. He must have a good reason. Now for the quality of his article that cause all this…well, if you felt strongly about what was taking place in your country you’d try to strike back too. Sure,
    I believe that he wanted Hungary to look bad, but that was the result of what the Hungarians had done to him and, going further back, what the Hungarians (read Orban & Fidesz) had done to the country.

  10. @attila…defending Orban & Fidesz
    This not a ‘tough’ task; this is impossible.
    Would you care to explain the Malev fiasco?
    Six months before bankruptcy, the CEO goes on Kalman Olga’s
    programme and declares that the airline is making money and speculated that it would be a good time to sell the company. (!)
    Ok, fast forward and we discover that Malev (or the Hungarian government) are to be fined $500 million euros for forbidden government financing of the airline. All of a sudden, the airline is in trouble, but, nothing happens. The airline, run by the government, is allowed to sell tickets to the public until the very last day when, out of nowhere, it stops operating. (Bankruptcy has not actually been declared.) Next, we hear that only those buying tickets with credit cards would be refunded. Number of unrefunded tickets? Some 400, 000 apparently.
    Now, why wouldn’t ‘paid-by-cash’ tickets be refundable? Aren’t there receipts? Aren’t the tickets numbered?
    The final touch is this: the government has now declared a moratorium on the final accounting putting everything off for 90 days. Huh?

  11. I hope Mr. Kertesz has found his country, where he can openly discuss genetic attributes of earlier settlers. I also hope sons and daughters of the “fleur-de-lis” will display more tolerance, so he can enjoy a long life, with hugs and kisses from the members of Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Chapter.

  12. @ kormos, You really have no idea what you are talking about , do you? There are plenty you and your comrades could learn from Canada about tolerance, integrity, morality and simply about humanity. Yes, I wish the best for Kertesz myself. The country that was Kertesz’ home turned against him, like they turned against the Jews in the forties because of the “false prophets”. (I could not live that out based on a comment made a couple of days ago.) WHen all the good, honest people gone, you will be left with the ones like you. The clean Hungarian. That would be a field day for the True Hungarians. A country where kids horsing down the streets, pigs grunting from under the gates, media reports that the sun is more yellow and the air is more clear than ever before, where Bayers, and Morvais can report with foaming mouth on the European Union, and awards can be given out to all those who are licking up to Orban, regardless of their past. YOu are some piece of work. YOur perfect society.. Thank goodness the EU still try to save Hungary and Hungarians from You.
    foot note: By You, I mean the you and Morvai, Bayer, and their friends, I do not mean the decent Hungarians, who do not give a rats’ bottom about your hatred.

  13. Try reading the book “Living On Our Heads” by Rod Parsley……Righting an upside down

  14. “Re:”Debrecen synagogue doesn’t even have a functioning congregation – and this is not only in Hungary’s second city, but in a city whose prosperity was to a great extent created by the Jews.”
    Just in case you wanted to attend a service.”
    kormos – I never said they don’t have services, I said there aren’t enough Jews for them to have a “functioning congregation”. This was the exact phrase used by the guy showing us around when we last visited.
    You need a lot of people to run a church and its associated activities, especially when you are trying to look after a relatively isolated community. The Debrecen synagogue is unable to do more than a fraction of what it needs to do, because there simply aren’t enough Jews left in Debrecen.
    If you really doubt any of this and aren’t just trolling, there are plenty of sites on the internet about Jewish life in Debrecen for you to check. In fact I would recommend a few hours doing exactly that. It is a sad and sobering tale, especially when you learn about the brickworks and the deportations, the vast numbers who left AFTER the war, and when you see the old synagogue (perhaps Debrecen’s most outstanding building, until destroyed in the war) and read about the part played by Jews in the pre-war city – and contrast that to what they have today.
    As always, opinion is best based on knowledge.

  15. Come on Eva. This distinction between genetikus and genetikai is a sophism worthy of Fidesz. You can find the over-reaction to Kertész’s statement pathetic and deplorable without rushing to defend the intemperate ranting of a bitter man.

  16. Akos Kertesz was absolutely right on both counts – on the innate feudal servility of the great bulk of the Hungarian populace and on the undeniable fact that the Anglo-Saxon world is superior in terms of understanding what liberty means. If anything, Canada should airlift all of the Roma out of Europe’s genocide belt before the gas ovens start up again. Even a redneck buffoon like Stephen Harper could never be as atrocious as Orban and his minions – not to mention their far more bloodied predecessors in the European gangland.

  17. Törpefejű: “Akos Kertesz was absolutely right on both counts – on the innate feudal servility of the great bulk of the Hungarian populace”
    I have a family among my relations who fit the description perfectly. Moreover, the attitude is inherited from generation to generation. I have known in my lifetime three generations and they were all cowardly and serve all the given regimes. I could tell the most incredible stories about these people. And they are pretty typical.

  18. Yet again we’re witnessing incredulity from the right’s supporters that there’s actually a problem with racism and anti-semitism in Hungary.
    To be fair to them, they’re pretty ignorant. This is because so mainstream is the hate at this point (I’m speaking as someone who has lived in Hungary for over ten years) that it has become utterly ‘normal’. I don’t think I’ve had a dinner in Hungary where ‘holocaust denial’ has not raised its head at some point; meanwhile, people who DON’T hate gypsies are actually embarrassed to state this (have you noticed how Nepszavas are always folded and hidden away imediately after purchase?). So normal is all of this … that most Hungarians beleieve that such discourse actually happens EVERYWHERE.
    Well. Y’know. It doesn’t. While there are racists everywhere, of course, only in Hungary is it ‘normal’ to be a racist, only in Hungary is it acceptable, only in Hungary is it mainstream.
    Language. ‘An island of sound’ George Szirtes called it, positively. But there are negative consequences too, mainly a closedness to the views and ways of the rest of the world.
    And the powers-that-be, now that they control the media for the mono-lingual masses, seem to have no interest in communicating the views of the rest-of-the-world (just how much coverage of Kertesz has there been through MTI in the last couple of days?).

  19. @attila001122
    “I am sure, if you take a light stroll after midnight in Harlem in a Ku Klux Klan T-shirt
    noone will blame the NYPD for failing to protect you…”
    I am quite familiar with Harlem, and I would certainly blame the NYPD for this.
    The Hungarian government should represent all Hungarians, even the horrible “left-liberal servants.” Maybe Kertész is a jerk or maybe not. But the fear felt by many Hungarians, like Kertész, is real. It might seem unjustified, but Orban should take responsibility of protecting all Hungarian citizens.
    I demand no less of cops in Harlem, Tripoli or Tokyo.

  20. Hmmm….Sounds like the majority of the time you give more glory to Mr. Kertesz & Mr. Field. You may not like them but they are going down in the annuals of hisory in Hungary. They will always be Martyrs in reference to Hungary!

  21. kormos: “Temperance is a virtue!” I agree. Something that should be exercised by you when you are talking about your fellow Hungarians. So, your point is?

  22. For comment Kingfisher | March 05, 2012 at 08:28 AM “Hungary is institutionally anti-semitic?” – but yes! Because of facts.
    “…the right-wing Fidesz has become far-right because no price was high enough for them for getting back to power. So Fidesz helped strengthening Nazis and for 8 years the parties Fidesz and Jobbik (together with other Nazi groups) have been collaborating with each other for getting and keeping the power.”
    “For many years, Hungary has not been defending its citizens (Romas, Jews, homosexuals, left-wings, liberals) from anti-Semites, racists, homophobes and Nazis. Especially not nowadays when a far-right party rules and collaborates with Nazis. Going to court isn’t good for anything since the judgements almost always favour the far-rights. Most of the cases even doesn’t reach the court because the prosecutor rejects them.”
    And the most important fact: Since many years, Hungary (institutionally!) has been continually violating a Hungarian law containing an international agreement, namely the Paris Treaty of peace with Hungary, 1947 – and other international agreements about human rights, too.

  23. More answer for Kingfisher’s question “Hungary is institutionally anti-semitic?”:
    And another fact: there are a nazi (if we are afraid to say it we can call them at least obviously anti-Semitic) section inside the body of the Hungarian police namely “Tettrekész Magyar Rendőrség Szakszervezete” (Trade Union of the Resolute Hungarian Police). And it’s also not a problem for Hungarian authorities but what is more, nor “opposition”, nor “left-wings”, nor “democrats”!

  24. “Szentkorona Rádió (a station that has no frequency problems)”
    It’s not a “station”. It’s a right-wing extremist website hosted on a foreign server and run by a limited liability company incorporated in the US.
    As far as Ákos Kertész is concerned, I share the views of Sándor Révész, as outlined in this article, especially the last four paragraphs: http://nol.hu/velemeny/20110906-elfogadjuk_ With respect to his “emigration” to Canada, well, that’s just a well-executed publicity stunt, nothing less, nothing more.

  25. To Eva S. Balogh | March 05, 2012 at 06:24 AM
    Akos Kertesz a big liar. No one wanted to kill into the water. He does not have any police records about this. Liar.

  26. @ Tyrker: Not everyone wants to become a martyr or the saviour of principals. People get old and tired, have had enough of fighting and when the last straw arrives, simply they want a way out. I am sure there were plenty of reasons for Kertesz to call it quit, and I for one would of done the same. Now that I am thinking about it, I did the same.
    @ Bela: Ok, I take your word for it. What other parts of Kertesz’ claims are untrue? THere is nothing happened to this old Jew that made him leave his home? All the hate posts in various magazines, newspapers, television programs and Internet sites ate fabrication of his imagination? I read so many hate posts and articles toward Kertesz, before he decided to leave Hungary, and I am wondering if that is also part of the conspiracy against True Hungarians? Maybe the Jews and liberals are typing up all the hate mails, so the whole world will think that there is anti-semitism in Hungary. Am I right?

  27. Population One: “but this news item alone should get Kertész Canadian citizenship.”
    What a coincidence. I was just sending the link to a group of Canadian-Hungarians who are supporting Kertesz in Canada. They will be interested in this unspeakably ugly article.

  28. This is one of the most disgusting anti-Semitic articles I have ever read in the Hungarian press. The journalist is Levente Bucsy.
    By the way how can he write things like “Tibor Abraham, the leader of the Hungarian diaspora [in Canada]”.
    The leader of the Canadian Hungarians?

  29. Mutt Damon: “By the way how can he write things like “Tibor Abraham, the leader of the Hungarian diaspora [in Canada]”. The leader of the Canadian Hungarians?”
    Christopher Adam who is very active in Canadian-Hungarian affairs has never heard of him.

  30. @ Eva: “„törvénytisztelő, hűséges, adófizető kanadai állampolgárok”
    tiltakoznak Kertész Ákos menekültstátusz-kérelme kapcsán,” (law abiding, faithful, taxpaying citizens are protesting Akos Kertesz’ refugee claim)
    Eva you mention that there is support in Canada for Kertesz. Would it be possible for you to pass on my contact info to them or pass on their contact to me, as I would like to sign a petition as a törvénytisztelő, hűséges, adófizető kanadai állampolgárok” (law abiding, faithful, taxpaying citizen) in support of Kertesz’ application for refuge.

  31. Oh, I get it … Tibor Abraham is the “Chairman of The Hungarians” in Canada. This is a World Federation of Hungarians thing (a joke). Look at these pictures from the Hungarian Consulate in Vancouver. Look at those fine gentlemen they are hanging out with … The FIDESZ government is partying with Canadian racists.
    Who’s Abraham? That clown in the Hungarian jacket?
    Some1, meet you new boss …
    Does anybody have a copy of Abraham’s anti-Semitic pamphlet?

  32. Mutt Damon: “Who’s Abraham?”
    That’s that. No one know him. Or at least I asked some of the Canadian Hungarian I know and who are active and they never heard of him. Even Chris Adam has never heard of him.

  33. I have no idea who Abraham is. All I can find on him is stuff from Vancouver. He certainly does not represent Hungarians living in Canada. Maybe he represents Hungarians in Vancouver…. It is like saying that Mr Sarkozy represents all Hungarians from Europe. For that matter Paris is much-much closer to Budapest, then Vancouver to Toronto. Ontario alone is larger than Spain and France combined. WHo elected this bozo? How did Abraham get to the Diaspora Council? WHat did he do before? Here goes agin some phony Fidesz “ingyom-bingyom” to put some incompetent tag in some officially sounding position to “represent” the opinion of others. Did Kirsten heard about this group? SHe is a few thousand miles closer to Vancouver. hahaha

  34. Mutt Damon:”http://www.hunconsulate.com/headlines/the-founding-declaration-of-the-hungarian-diaspora-council.html”
    This is an interesting site. It describes how “the Hungarian government and Hungarians living beyond the borders have founded The Hungarian Diaspora Council in November 2011 in Budapest”. My guess is that there wer a couple of representatives from each of the countries represented there.
    But “During the meeting Mr. Abraham was elected the Canadian Chairman of the Hungarians for two years”. It seems that the “Canadian Chairman of the Hungarians” was elected by the Hungarian government and by the “representatives” of the Cnadaian Hungarians (how many, who named them to represent Cnadadian Hungarians at what forum and did Mr. Abraham abstain from voting himself into the position of Chairman?).
    By the way what powers does this Chairman have upon Canadian Hungarians? Do Canadian Hungarians know that this guy is their Chairman?
    When he publishes his opinions, does he consult with any other Canadian Hungarians? If yes, how?

  35. Tryker:””Szentkorona Rádió (a station that has no frequency problems)”
    It’s not a “station”. It’s a right-wing extremist website hosted on a foreign server and run by a limited liability company incorporated in the US.”
    Well, it is an Internet radio station (in addition to being a website). Its programs are hosted by such persons as Budaházy György. Its musical programs include Korabeli revíziós dalok órája (A trianoni diktátum ihlette revizionista dalokat lehet ebben az órában hallani-revisionist songs inspired by the dictat of Trianon).

  36. And all of the above, Ladies and Gentlemen (if I may be permitted a rather egregious misuse of both terms), serves as a brilliant illustration of why I was elated some 55 years ago by the sudden and unexpected opportunity to leave that benighted, miserable country and its people behind forever.

  37. Dear Zoltan Roman, here you will find a lot of Hungarians and non-Hungarians who are very critical of the present Hungarian government. This is a good bunch of people.

  38. You are all so miguided.Trying to paint the Hungarians with the same brush.”They are naci,racist,anti Semite”. Just google “7000 self hating Jews”

  39. @Imre I’m not sure if I follow …
    We are not saying that all Hungarians are anti-Semite. We are warning that there is a definite perceptible growing anti-Semitism and we are convinced that, in part, the present right wing FIDESZ government is responsible for it.
    There are jews with different opinions. Your point is …

  40. @Mutt Damon: and you should read the above comment by Prof. Em. Dr. Med. Jur. Dr. Sc. Dr. habil. Zoltan Roman and tell why some people are allowed to call whole countries and peoples benighted and miserable.
    Good he left, he is not missed at all. I hope he never comes back.

  41. Oh Johnny Boy, how would you know if a group is discriminated against. Is it discrimination that in the city I live in the Roma are pretty much relegated to two different areas of the city? Two Roma getto’s exist? Why is that?

  42. Unfortunately when many Hungarians who go online (just like Johnny Boy) to deliver hate, and support a government that allows “illegal” paramilitary groups to march in and take over a city, when certain people applauding this and also calling for stricter measures on homosexuals, the Roma, and others who They do not like, when they divide the worth of Hungarians according to rich and poor (Janos Lazar), Left and Right (Lasso Kover), heterosexuals and homosexuals (Hungarian police) well that sends out a very bad message about Hungary as racist and backward. When the President of a country lies to the whole world about his title and it comes out that even his other title was gained by cheating and plagiarizing, and the leading party’s fan club does not say a world, but when they say they compare him to Jesus, that just does not send out the right message either. Johnny Boy always have a card at hand, as he knows that for all the Hungarian suffering, cheating and racism is Kertesz to blame. Everyone should believe that if Kertesz goes away, Hungary’s problem will be solved forever, and Hungary’s reputation will be restored.

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