A Hungarian neo-Nazi’s threat to democratically minded Hungarians abroad

A couple of days ago Christopher Adam, editor-in-chief of Kanadai Magyar Hírlap, received a letter signed by Gábor Barcsa-Turner. Barcsa-Turner is deputy chairman of Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom (HVIM) or, in English, Youth Movement of Sixty-four Counties, an allusion to the number of counties in Hungary prior to 1920.

HVIM is closely allied with Jobbik. The chairman of the movement is György Gyula Zagyva, a Jobbik member of parliament. Another prominent leader of HVIM is László Toroczkai Tóth, who is a Jobbik member of the Council of Csongrád County.

As for Barcsa-Turner, he is the editor of the extremist Szent Korona Rádió that is, despite its name, not a radio station but an Internet website.

What follows is Barcsa-Turner’s letter and the answer written by the founders and spokesmen for the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter. At the end of this post are some notes that might be helpful in understanding Barcsa-Turner’s references.

 * * *

Gábor Barcsa-Turner, fascist, Hungarist, Nazi, take your pick

Never come back here!  You are right: the neo-Nazis and fascists will hang you here for your disgusting articles. Here we are the masters, here we rampage and hate.  We are racists and behave as anti-Semites, we hate everybody, but most of all, we hate you!

 Please tell your comrades still in Hungary that life became unlivable because of the burgeoning nazism and invite Péter Dániel and Gyurcsány and all the other lice to leave the country.

 Forget our language; after all, only fascists and “deep-Magyars” speak it!

 Don’t use the adjective “Hungarian,” because that is the synonym of  Hungarist, Arrow Cross, ultra-right riff-raff who are busily building the Fourth Reich. Don’t call yourselves Hungarians  because everybody will think you are fascists.

 You can be Canadians, Americans, and Europeans, whatever you want, but nothing should cross your lips connected to Hungarians.

And Barcsa-Turner’s followers

And yes: I am an anti-Semite, if you call antisemitism telling the truth. I am a fascist if you criticize my law and order stance. I am a Nazi  because I don’t share the official dogma about the Second World War. I am a Hungarist when you besmirch Hungary’s heroic stand in the Second World War. I yearn for the White Terror every time that you praise Endre Ságvári! My ideal becomes Gyula Ostenburg-Morawek and his detachment,  and I  would be glad to be the murderer of Somogyi and Bacsó, a pair of scribblers!

 I am a racist when you defend the Gypsies and turn your eyes away from the terrorized weak and elderly. I am always the one whom you vilify: an anti-Semite, a racist, a fascist,  Hungarist, a member of a detachment and I could go on. I belong to the extreme right without any tolerance toward the left.

I’m the one you have to deal with. And believe me, there are a lot of us here. Don’t ever come back! Stay abroad  and die homeless, or while extolling the state of Israel, but let no more words about anything Hungarian pass your lips.

 Gábor T. Barcsa

* * * 

On August 13, 2012, Gábor Barcsa-Turner, vice-president of one of Hungary’s officially registered neo-fascist political organizations, the Youth Movement of Sixty-four Counties (HVIM), sent a letter to those Canadian Hungarians who are active in the defense of internationally recognized human rights and democratic principles. (HVIM’s president, György Gyula Zagyva is a Hungarian Member of Parliament. HVIM is in a close strategic alliance with Hungary’s largest far-right party, Jobbik).

Mr. Barcsa-Turner announced himself with the following words. “I am the one you need to deal with” and then, paradoxically, he immediately warns us not to set foot in Hungary, unless we wish to face him with murder weapons drawn, ready to counter our words: “Never come back here! Here … the neo-Nazis and fascists are going to hang you for your disgusting articles. Here we are the masters …. Stay out there and die homeless, or while extolling Israel but let no more words about anything Hungarian pass your lips! … Be Canadians, Americans, Europeans, whatever you want, but mouth nothing about Hungarianness!”

The purpose of the efforts of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter in defense of human rights and democracy is not to exchange words with the likes of Mr. Barcsa-Turner. Our target is the current prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, and his Fidesz Party. It is thanks to Fidesz and the current government  that neo-fascism in Hungary is growing and asserting itself ever more violently. It is common knowledge that Jobbik was fledged in Fidesz’s warm nest and that Jobbik then drew HVIM, the Outlaw Band, the Hungarian Guards and the other neo-fascist groups into its alliance. These are all now proliferating undisturbed under the protective wings of the Hungarian government, fouling the air for all decent Hungarians. It was as a cherished lark from Fidesz’s inner circle that the erstwhile Orbán disciple, Gábor Vona, flew aloft in Hungarian public life to become the leader of Jobbik. Nor is it with Mr. Vona’s anti-democratic spirit or his hate-mongering rhetoric that Fidesz now has a problem, but rather with the fact that he has drawn off several hundred thousand formerly faithful voters from Fidesz.

The primary target of the efforts of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter in defense of human rights and democracy is accordingly not HVIM’s Gábor Barcsa-Turner but the government of Viktor Orban, whose socially irresponsible leaders are steering Hungary out of Europe toward fanaticism, oppressive state control, and tyranny.

Signed: The founders and spokesmen of the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter.


Péter Dániel is an anti-fascist activist who poured red pain over a newly unveiled statue of Regent Miklós Horthy.

Deep magyars is used to describe nationalist Hungarians.

Hungarism is the Hungarian version of Nazism and the ideology of Ferenc Szálasi’s Arrow Cross Party.

Endre Ságvári, a member of the illegal Communist Party, who was killed during an exchange of gunfire with the police on July 27, 1944, during the German occupation.

Gyula Ostenburg-Morawek, leader of one of the detachments of Miklós Horthy. It was members of his group who murdered Béla Somogyi and Béla Bacsó on February 17, 1920.  The victims were editors of Népszava, the official newspaper of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party.



  1. And this is a man who is a member of an officially REGISTERED political organizations in Hungary?? Disgusting. Really. Never before have I felt so ashamed to be Hungarian (I’m Roman Catholic, and terribly “white” just for the record). I now live in Canada and deal with Hungarian refugees on a daily basis. First I didn’t quite understand why there were so many people fleeing this civilized, modern European country. There’s no war, I thought to myself. Well, now I know. It’s really sad. But boy, it must be tough to be Barcsa Turner Gabor… imagine living with such hatred. His kidney’s must really hurt (or at least I hope they do!)…

  2. 2012. november 28. – A mai napig sem hallgatta ki a rendőrség Barcsa-Turner Gábort, az újnáci Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom (HVIM) alelnökét… Mintha mi sem történt volna! – És ilyen történetek Magyarországon szinte mindennaposak… A Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom, mint szélsőjobboldali párt éppen a zsidó származású képviselők listáját akarja összeállítani – mert szerintük ezek a képviselők nemzetbiztonsági kockázatot jelentenek. Meddig hagyja a Nyugat, az Európai Unió ezt a tevékenységet folytatni egy szövetséges országban?
    A Kanadai Magyar Hírlap magyarországi munkatársai naponta veszélyhelyzetben dolgoznak, mióta a kanadai internetes hírújság megjelentette a fenyegető levelet. Ki védi meg őket? És ki védi meg a magyarországi demokratákat?

  3. I don’t know whether Zsuzsanna Sándor is the same Zsuzsanna Sándor who used to be a judge and spokeswoman of the Budapest Court but welcome anyway. What Ms Sándor is talking about here is the case of Gábor Barcsa-Turner. You may recall the name because I mentioned the case on Hungarian Spectrum:


    The threat against the Kanadai Magyar Hírlap took place in August by Barcsa-Turner, but to this day the police didn’t even questioned him. The correspondents of the Canadian paper in Hungary are in real danger. Who is going to defend them?

    This is what the message is all about.

  4. És ki védi meg a magyarországi demokratákat?

    I do not want to sound cynical but this question somehow summarises the problem very well. A very general answer is: the most important defence should be the democrats themselves as a group. No outside force. The EU in principle can employ some mechanisms, but, first, these have to be activated by Hungarians, and second, these have to be implemented by Hungarians in Hungary. Absolutely necessary is a willingness and ability to cooperate among the democrats, followed by a willingness to learn from the experience of other countries where democracy was difficult to establish. So far, Hungary is in the EU, and while there is no doubt that the current political system does not qualify as “democracy”, democrats are still able to organise themselves, to debate etc. I am sure that there are good relations between some of the newly founded organisations and organisations and institutions in other countries of the EU and the EU institutions themselves. Perhaps it makes sense to ask there how democracy could be restored and the democrats might be protected.

  5. I do not see someone struggling nemzetéért national mind and why he is called “Nazis”! Yeah, these are the left-liberal Jews!
    Stephen Tuhun!

  6. I just want to indicate to István Tuhun that we don’t tolerate here any labeling ethnic group. Your love of you nation seems to be expressed in hatred of others. If your future comments will be offensive you will be barred from publishing on Hungarian Spectrum.

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