A press release by Klubrádió, the only opposition station in Hungary

Media Council: Another Slap in the Face for the Media Freedom: A Christmas Present

A press release by Klubrádió

The Media council served its most recent unlawful resolution by courier at half past four p.m. on Friday, 19 December 2012, once again questioning the validity of Klubrádió’s bid for the 95.3 MHz frequency, although the application for the tender had already been declared valid by the High Court of Appeal in its final and binding decision of 14 March 2012. The only difference in the Council’s method is that instead of trying to disqualify Klubrádió from the tender on the grounds of “failing to sign the empty pages,” now they regard this disqualification as a fact and, “acting within their own competence,” only revoke that part of their resolution of last September which claimed that the tender was successful. In addition, they cite the prosecution’s position statement – which could only be regarded as an expert opinion at most, in view of the several earlier legal and binding rulings of the court. Incidentally, the content of this opinion of the prosecutor’s office is unknown to us.

Similarly to the one issued before last Christmas declaring Autórádió kft to be the winner, this resolution also has an appeal period of 15 calendar days subject to forfeiture. This resolution is also intended as an “early Christmas present”, leaving only 4 workdays for Klubrádió to prepare and file their appeal. Christmas as a celebration of love has once again been exploited by the Media Council for furthering their political goals. Perhaps they hope the public outrage triggered by their latest wrongful decision would not be so strong  this time of the year.

This procedure is not only unlawful and unfair but also deeply cynical. This behaviour goes against democratic thinking as well as good manners, just like other, untrue statements in the Council’s resolution, such as the one claiming Klubrádió is charged only 50% of the broadcasting fee even though it is just the other way round: Klubrádió is the only one that has to pay the full price for its frequency.

20 December 2012



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