Statements and testimonies at the United States Helsinki Commission’s hearing on Hungary

Below you will find all the statements and testimonies from yesterday’s hearing before the United States Helsinki Commission. The topic was “The Trajectory of Democracy–Why Hungary Matters.” In addition to the statements and testimonies that were delivered in person, there were two testimonies submitted in writing, one by David H. Baer of Texas Lutheran University on the new law on churches and one by Frank Koszorus, Jr. of the American Hungarian Federation.


  1. Győr calling!

    Eva – if ever you doubted the value or worth of your blog – then surely the recent ‘testimony’ additions and the dialogue – not forgetting the translations for a wider audience – have shown it to be a shining light in the darkness which is Hungary.

    Thank you.

    I only have one question, please?

    What’s next?



  2. “Die Regierung ist toll!”

    The evil western enemies started another vicious propaganda campaign against our beloved nation:

    But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary doesn’t let it slide:

    Prohle undersecretary personally informed Ambassador Dr. Matei I. Hoffmann about this unacceptable situation. The Hungarian government repeatedly rebutted the criticism of the 4th amendment of the constitution. The ministry finds it especially troubling when children are intentionally misled.

  3. Győr Calling!


    Completely O/T!

    Szaniszlo has handed back his Mihaly Tancsics award – after Balog said it was an ‘error’!

    Huh! (2) – but only after the US and Israeli ambassadors had said the prize should be withdrawn.

    Huh! (3) – expect some ‘Regev’ rejoinder, Mutt!



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  5. Győr Calling!

    Petofi! One suggestion the Cyprus government is looking at is to use the pension funds to rescue the banking system!

    Now where did they get that idea from?

    (It’s apparently been condemned by Merkel though.)

    Looks like the Russians will have to take quite a big hit with their squirreled- away funds in Cyprus.

    You have alleged before that Orban has money salted away there – do you think he is watching closely? Could cost him a packet.

    Anyway looks like the corrupt tax haven will have to change to a more honest banking system (and I’m an Englishman saying that!) – so there may be more fallout as events unfold.

    I think the EU have found a rubicon at last!

    I hope you’re watching and listening Orban!



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