A hearty laugh for Christmas Eve

A few days ago Pope Francis celebrated his 77th birthday with three homeless men–a Pole, a Slovak, and a Czech–who had found shelter under the portico outside the Vatican’s press office. Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, who distributes charitable contributions for the pope, approached the men and asked them whether they would like to join the pope for morning mass and breakfast in the pope’s Vatican residence. Once they recovered from their astonishment they packed up their belongings, including a dog, climbed into the archbishop’s car, and were off to meet the pope.

As you know, Viktor Orbán’s rubber-stamp parliament just approved a piece of legislation that gives municipalities a free hand to ban the homeless from practically everywhere within the city limits. If a homeless person is caught in the forbidden locality he will be fined and, after repeated offenses, will be jailed. The outcry in Western Europe, especially in Germany, was great at the Orbán government’s criminalization of the homeless.

Gábor Pápai’s cartoon, which appeared on the front page of today’s Népszava, juxtaposes the compassion of Pope Francis toward the homeless and the heartlessness of the so-called Christian Hungarian government.

Nepszava karacsony

The poster says: VOTE FOR HEROD!


  1. Thank you Dr Éva, for everything. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and other keepers of the light.

  2. My grateful thanks and best wishes to Éva and all commenters. It is wonderful–the multiplicity of views and information, dubbed videos and all!

  3. Is there any way to learn the name of the dog? In spite of my general ignorance the others I have no problem to identify, though..!

    Merry Christmas Eva, thanks for the possibility and the tremendous work!

  4. Another laugh, I was looking up the wikipedia entry of Kádár out of curiosity and found the following line:

    “At the time of the Soviet occupation, the communists led by Kádár were very small in size.”

    Anybody want a tiny communist?

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  5. Merry Christmas, Eva…….keep up the vision of your work, thanks for letting me have the opportunity to share my opinion!!!LOL

  6. A very happy Holiday for all thoughtful contributors, and of course specially to Eva without whom we would not be be informed about Hungary. I can’t imagine the energy, knowledge and love that is involved in writing daily about most of the time depressing events.
    Thank you Eva, you are my hero!
    Let’s hope that the New Year brings us at least some points of light.

  7. As I write this, I am watching the broadcast of Midnight Mass from the Vatican. Even though I am not a Catholic, but an atheist, the winds of change, that have swept in with Francis, raises the hope in me that things may actually be moving in the right direction, and anything is possible…even in Orbánistan!
    And, thanks you, dear Éva, for another year of shining light into the darkness. May the spirit of the season bring you blessings untold.

  8. @Ms KKA

    The winds of change will be felt when the Vatican opens its archives to research completely.

    I do not think this will happen within the next 100 years.

  9. @ Ms KKA

    “…things may actually be moving in the right direction, and anything is possible…”

    Don’t hold your breath.
    I’m a Francis fan but have, of late, wondered why he hadn’t said something to Hungary and Hungarian Catholics.

    Here are three possible reasons. The Vatican’s position is fraught with insecurity because of:

    a) the secret Vatican’s role in aiding and abetting the escape of Nazis at the end of the war;

    b) the priesthood is still rife with pedophiles yet uncovered worldwide;

    c) the hidden role of Catholic priests in former communist countries like Hungary.

    Now, if the Hungarian Catholic hierarchy would be called to account by the Vatican, would they in turn reveal any or all of the above?

    You bet your bippy….

    Intimidation, Hungarian style–

  10. @petofi, aha – of course, would help explain Fidesz reluctance to pull back the veil on all things secret before the Wall came down. Is there no end to the depth and breadth of the dark forces? What a mixture: religion and politics. Our would-be leaders and role models. No doubt enjoying the Christmas season at home with their families & friends.

  11. Petofi – just keep speculating on the sins of churches.

    While the Orban group can not hide from their ongoing sins.
    They will have to work hard on finding peace during Christmas.

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