1. Dear Eva, first of all, thank you for your fantastic high-quality work. Your dedication is a shining example for all of us. Please, continue your creative activity in good health and happiness in 2014!

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  2. Well, for us the New Year already has begun – a glass of “Pezsgö” with our young ones and our neighbours – let’s hope that this year will be better for Hungary than the last ones!


    Duna TV is showing one of those old films again: “Indul a bakterház”, really funny – you wouldn’t think that this was produced in Kádár times …

  3. And RTL is showing “Borat in the USA” – I womder who’s watching it in Hungary and what they think about this film and the country …

  4. tappanch :
    BUEK to everyone!
    Angyan’s new, 336-page long report about Orban’s giveaways of agricultural land is out.

    What miniscule hope remains for Hungarians resides in the fact that there is an Angyan and a Horvath–few as they are in the morass of the present government–that illustrate by their actions and very being what Dignity, Integrity, and true Patriotism is about.

  5. Arrow-cross (Nyilas) journalists demanded Rejtő’s draft in October 1942. He was soon dragged from a hospital to the front.

  6. Happy New Year to Eva and all of you on this blog. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Eva, and your insightful and thought-provoking articles. Cheers!

  7. Boldog Uj Evet! Happy New Year!

    Decent and Intelligent Hungarians Unite for a Better / Jobb Future!

  8. Something really strange:

    Index reports that this morning police or rather TEK closed the road(s) to Felcsut – even the people living there couldn’t get in …
    Index says no more news is available ??????

  9. No info on this yet?

    Just a bit OT:

    I just stumbled onto this site: http://budapestbeacon.com/
    Just a few articles from the last days:
    “Közgép and subsidiary win public tenders worth HUF 32 billion”
    “OTP CEO Sandor Csanyi sells HUF 259 million worth of shares in bank”

    Looks quite interesting – and has news on Hungary in English.
    Sorry, if this info is nothing new for you!

  10. Happy New Year to Eva and all the commenters and readers of this blog! I hope that 2014 will be a much brighter year for Hungary than 2013 was.

  11. BUEK Eva: Even if your work does not immediately change current events, it will certainly leave a permanent mark on history, and one day most Hungarians will be grateful to you for it, and will commemorate it in their history books. — With much admiration, István

  12. Happy New Year to all of us bloggers and well wishers. Eva, I know it takes guts to create The Hungarian Spectrum, I applaud with you and will continue to stand in the gap with prayer that your work will continue. LOL in 2014!!!

  13. BUEK Éva – and to everyone else on HS.

    Thanks for the link, Wolfi, looks like a good site.

  14. Happy New year to you too, thanks for your your work on behalf of democracy in Hungary!!

  15. Happy New Year to Scribe, Analyst, Statistician, Prophet, Psychologist, Pessimist, Encylopedist, Muddlehead – in short all of you – including the Troll.

  16. The Election Commission just sent the papers everyone to register as member of a non-Hungarian ethnic group.

    THere is NOT a single word in the enclosed instructions that if you register for the election as member of an ethnic group, you are NOT allowed to vote for political parties by the new Fidesz election rules.

    I think this is outrageous!

  17. Correction:
    my apologies, it is there:

    two words, hidden inside a more than 4-line long sentence.

  18. Here is the baroque sentence:

    “Abban az esetben, ha az országgyűlési választásban az egyéni jelölt mellett nem pártlistára, hanem helyette a nemzetiségének országos önkormányzata által állított listára kíván szavazni, a B pont bejelölésével jelezheti, hogy a nemzetiségi választópolgárként történő névjegyzékbe vételének hatálya az országgyűlési képviselők választására is terjedjen ki.”

    So if you are in the 90% that have difficulty understanding this and mark B, then you just lost your right to vote for a party (for 5 years?) – congratulations.

  19. tappanch :
    The government agency dealing with distributing the EU support ceased to exist on December 31. Orban’s chief of staff will oversee the channeling of EU money directly from January 1, 2014.
    The defunct agency issued a 3 billion HUF media tender on the last day of its existence!
    I am sure this will go for Fidesz propaganda too.

    Happy New Years to Eva. I don’t know how you manage the grind but I’m very appreciative that your able to.

    @ tappanch you’ve missed the best part of the article.

    Applicants may submit proposals for any or all of the five parts. However, only companies providing at least HUF 1.5 billion (USD 6.8 million) worth of media services won through public tender over the past three years may apply.


  20. “Decree to set up a memorial to the German occupation of Hungary” urgently on Szabadság square, next to the US Embassy, Horthy’s new bust and the old Soviet Liberation Memorial.

    The decree also wipes out any resistance to cut out trees from the square.

    p. 90,100 of Magyar Közlöny, 2013/225

    I am wondering whether they will put up a sculpture of an SS soldier with a big swastika for the memorial.


    I am happy to report that the Orban government created 90,344 pages of laws and non-secret decrees in 2013.

  21. do not vote, overthrow the fidesz – jobbik rule.

    when succeeded, outlaw all fidesz – jobbik officials from politics for 500 years.

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