Two prominent Hungarians: Interviews with Charles Gati and Miklós Haraszti

Budapest Beacon, a bilingual online newspaper that reports on current events in Hungary, conducted a number of interviews with leading Hungarian analysts living or temporarily working in the United States. Herewith two of these: the first with Charles Gati, a renowned political scientist and senior research professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; the second with Miklós Haraszti, a writer, human rights advocate, and former OSCE representative on Freedom of the Media.

Professor Gati’s interview was conducted in English, Mr. Haraszti’s in Hungarian. Since Gati’s main interest is international affairs and foreign policy, his interview focuses on American-Hungarian relations that are such a hot topic of late. Mr. Haraszti currently teaches at Columbia University, but because in 2012 he was appointed UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Belarus, the interview took place in the United Nations headquarters where Mr. Haraszti was due to report on his findings.

The interviewer is Benjamin Novak, an American Hungarian who currently lives in Hungary and is senior correspondent of Budapest Beacon. 


  1. Professzor Gati, whom I happen to know and respect, is a bit of a disappointment, because of the excessive use of boilerplate and non sequiturs.
    Eva, however was too modest to mention that there is a much more interesting interview, as it happens with her, of all people.
    So, for all interested in the “Mother Superior” of ‘spectral’ political, historical. etc. writing about Hungary and understand the language, I heartily recommend her interview.

  2. Yeah! Complications. Just click on the blue “Watch on Vimeo” button and there you will find it.

  3. Kedves Eva

    Ugyan Orban ma visszavonta a netadot, de a 100K ezer embert nem lehet letagadni

    Woa nagyon erdekes KOSZONOM szepen a Te interjud is koszonom udv Juli

  4. Dear Ambator. First of all, the currently available interview is only the first part of the whole. Second, we are planning to add subtitles for those readers of HS who can’t speak Hungarian

  5. It’s ridiculous how Ildiko Csuhaj continues to spread disinformation. Like Orban backtracked because of Hungarian Telekom said the the tax was too big. I’ve no idea why the Nepszabi readers have to be fed with her bs on a continuous basis. So they could continue to believe that foreign powers have power over Orban. Or is this to dupe Deutsche Telekom to believe that its local people are so influential that they can reach results? Or to dupe the naive German politicians (diplomats) that he listens to the complaints of German business people? Especially now that Orban is about to gut Aldi, Lidl, Spar, Tesco and Auchan.

    By the way still no info on who those dissenters could be within Fidesz about whom she wrote her “scoop” last week.

  6. The only time the US would blacklist a country is when US business interests are affected. Remember what Vice-President Nixon told Castro: dont you dare to touch American companies. He didnot listen, a nuclear war almost followed. Americans mean business!

  7. Orban backtracked – temporarily, mind you – since he realized, or made to understand by his advisers than he can lose big time if he keep pursuing his sick idea regarding the so called “internet tax”.
    Which is, as we learned: not that, not now, not here, but anyway, comrade Deutsch will have to “consult” with the people about a new version…

    However, we have also learned that the internet also needs to be “regulated” – whatever would it mean in Orbanistan.

    What do you think, people, what Orbán meant by this?
    Any educated guess?

  8. “It’s ridiculous how Ildiko Csuhaj continues to spread disinformation. Like Orban backtracked because of Hungarian Telekom said the the tax was too big. I’ve no idea why the Nepszabi readers have to be fed with her bs on a continuous basis.”

    Isn’t it ridiculous that you accuse a left-wing journalist of “spreading disinformation” and “continuous BS” on the basis that your opinion is different than hers? Are you really this intolerant, so incapable of listening to different viewpoints to your own?

  9. OT a bit, but in reply to someone on a previous thread saying there was no coverage of the protests: someone at work started cackling out loud earlier this week, showed us this picture and explained the whole András-Vígh-reporting-nonsense meme to this foreigner.

    There’s some great ones of him “reporting” from Mohács, Trianon and the honfoglalás among others… I love it.

  10. Eva/Ambator, when I click on the vimeo it asks for a password because of the privacy settings…

  11. Stevan, the owners of Budapest Beacon don’t want to release the video until they are finished with the second part and prepare the subtitles. Be a little patient. They are working on it.

  12. I found the Gati interview rather weak, uninformative, and not even very well informed. In contrast, the Haraszti interview was splendid, and touched — in a very integrative and insightful way — on almost all the essential points.

  13. New Fidesz steps to de-educate Hungarians:

    Fidesz wants to halve the number in students in “gymnasia” (high schools). This way there will be much fewer people at the universities in a few years.

    I saw an estimate that the gov’t reduced the money available for gymnasia by a quarter in the 2015 budget (I have not found the number in the submitted bill yet)

    Minister Balogh, with Orban’s approval, appointed the “chancellors” to the universities today.
    The new, chancellor system was created to curtail university autonomy and to establish Fidesz party control over who will be fired and hired in the future. [am I wrong?]

    Medical University: K Szasz, a trusted member of the Fidesz nomenklatura
    Economics College: former mayor of Szentendre (Fidesz)
    Budapest University of Technology: a former Fidesz candidate for MP

  14. Tappanch: Economics College: former mayor of Szentendre (Fidesz).

    Dietz was not put as re-electable due to the fact that even Fidesz though he was tainted by corruption. He gave all kinds of jobs to his friend, and on top he write-off a tax liability in the amount of HUF 600 milion.

    So much for clean hands and their word.

  15. This internet tax business has made much more news over here (UK) than almost anything else since Orbán took over. It was even a question on The News Quiz! (a BBC Radio 4 satirical show on Friday nights)

  16. What’s good about reading fidesz bullshit is that one doesn’t have to read far when the piece disqualifies itself. So with Orban’s piece submitted by ‘realitycheck’.

    So, we have ‘discussed’ Paks, have we? When or where? It seems to me that the only discussion that went on was between Viktor and his neuroses…

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