The Hungarian government’s wishful thinking about a change at the U.S. embassy

It is with a certain amusement that I have been watching the Hungarian right-wing media’s attempts to discredit M. André Goodfriend, the American chargé d’affaires of the Budapest embassy. After all, he is currently the top representative of the United States, a country the Hungarian right has never been too fond of. Their dislike of the United States only intensified after 2001 when George W. Bush found Viktor Orbán’s post-9/11 behavior so objectionable. The Hungarian prime minister is still persona non grata in the White House. During the last two U.S. presidential campaigns Viktor Orbán and some high-level Fidesz politicians demonstrated their preference for the Republican party, assuming that a Republican administration would have better relations with a national-Christian “conservative” Hungarian government. Of course, their assumption that Republicans would be more tolerant of an “illiberal state” that is in cahoots with Vladimir Putin’s Russia shows a total misunderstanding of American political reality.

Another Hungarian misconception is that it is Goodfriend who is personally responsible for the strained relations between Washington and Budapest because he oversteps the diplomatic bounds that are supposed to direct his behavior. If he would just stay put, never leave the embassy, not attend demonstrations, and not use Twitter, then American “attacks” on the current Hungarian government would come to an end. And since the reporters on the state television’s newscast and the journalists at Magyar Nemzet and  Válasz blame André Goodfriend personally, their attacks also concentrate on his person. With eagle eyes they watch his every step and find fault with everything he says. By now even his wife, Frances Goodfriend, has become a target. Pesti srácok, a far-right internet site, reported that she attended the demonstration in front of the parliament on November 17. A day later Magyar Nemzet reported that the Goodfriends visited László Bitó’s open house. Since Bitó often writes in Galamus, an internet opinion portal that is allegedly close to Ferenc Gyurcsány, the next thing we heard was that Goodfriend “is playing from Ferenc Gyurcsány’s score.” In brief, behind the current strained relations between the United States and Hungary is none other than the arch-enemy of Viktor Orbán, Ferenc Gyurcsány.

The Hungarian right became terribly offended when Goodfriend wrote on Twitter: “I think of Webster-Hulsemann in considering US support for shared values” and gave a link to “Interesting Historical Notes.” What was this Webster-Hulsemann exchange? In 1850 the Austrian Johann Georg Hulsemann, the Austrian representative in Washington, objected to American interference in the domestic affairs of Hungary. He stated that his government “deemed it proper to preserve a conciliatory deportment making ample allowance for the ignorance of the Cabinet of Washington on the subject of Hungarian affairs and its disposition to give credence to the mendacious rumors which are propagated by the American press.” To this statement Secretary of State Daniel Webster replied in kind: “Nothing will deter either the Government or the people of the United States from … forming and expressing their own opinions freely and at all times upon the great political events which may transpire among the civilized nations of the earth.” Webster’s letter to Hulsemann can be read in its entirely here.

Well, that inspired Zsuzsanna Körmendy, one of the most demagogic journalists of Magyar Nemzet, to write a lengthy op/ed piece on the subject. The whole article is full of insults and personal attacks on André Goodfriend. She accuses the American diplomat of being ignorant of history and says that if he just read one grade 8 history textbook “he wouldn’t say such stupidities.” Moreover, the comparison is false. Zachary Taylor, the president at the time, simply expressed his opinion and “did not send a note to the Hungarian government about banning certain foreigners from U.S. soil.” In the 1850s the United States was a democratic country and “if America today would be as much of a freedom loving country as it was then, perhaps it would look upon the Orbán government differently. It would appreciate more [Hungarian] attempts at independent solutions.” All in all, the reference to Webster and Hulsemann is, she argues, insulting to the democratic people of Hungary who overwhelmingly voted for Viktor Orbán and his team.

"Let's hope we will be also grateful" / Esti Hírlap

“Let’s hope we will be also grateful” / Esti Hírlap

And then came the great news for the Hungarian right. On November 21 The Washington Post reported that, after “after much delay and hand wringing,” on December 1 the Senate will vote on the confirmation of Colleen Bell who was nominated to be the next U.S. ambassador to Hungary. Well, that piece of news roused the right-wing journalists in Hungary. On the very same day Esti Hírlap reported the news with this headline: “First the turkey–then perhaps there will be an ambassador.” A picture under the headline showed a Thanksgiving turkey with the caption: “Let’s hope we will be grateful too!” Válasz was also inspired by the news: “The days of Goodfriend are numbered: Ten days and we’ll know it all.” But the most outrageous handling of the news came from Híradóthe official news broadcast of the state television. The television news claimed to know that Goodfriend will be recalled because “lately he appeared too often in left-wing and liberal circles.” According to Goodfriend’s “official” autobiography, “earlier he worked for the Bureau of International Organization” which, according to the information Híradó received, “worked out methods with which the local opposition in conjunction with civic organizations can overthrow the government of post-Soviet states if the interests of the United States so desire.”

Well, that’s quite something, especially because that utter nonsense was read on a newscast that can be watched nationwide without cable. So, let’s see what this “insidious” organization actually does. The Bureau of International Organization Affairs is part of the State Department and it is subordinated to the Undersecretary of Political Affairs. According to the official website:  “The Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO) is the U.S. Government’s primary interlocutor with the United Nations and a host of international agencies and organizations.” So much for responsible reporting by Hungarian state television.

As for these people’s fondest hope that M. André Goodfriend will be recalled because he was a bad boy, well, dream on, fellows. Most likely nothing will change after December 1. I suggest taking a look at the Wikileaks’ documents pertaining to the U.S. Embassy in Budapest. That gives an idea of the division of labor among the top officials of an embassy. Colleen Bell, if confirmed, will be the public face of the American presence in Budapest while the second in charge will most likely be Goodfriend, a professional diplomat. And I’m sure he will continue to tweet and to visit public events just as before.


  1. I am in complete agreement with Eva’s post, especially her assessment of American conservatism in relation to the eastern wind doctrine of Orban. I have to say that Zsuzsanna Körmendy statement about the United States of America being a more freedom loving nation in 1850 than it is today is astounding. I hope she realizes that in 1850 slavery was legal in the USA and it took a bloody civil war to abolish slavery and pass the 13th amendment to the US constitution that abolished slavery in the United States.

    Since Eva posted the Turkey picture I would add that our first Thanksgiving was declared by President Lincoln who in the proclamation stated in part: “The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God. In the midst of a civil war of unequaled magnitude and severity, which has sometimes seemed to foreign States to invite and to provoke their aggression, peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict; while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the Union.”

    A happy thanksgiving to Eva and all my fellow American Hungarians.

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  5. Around September, Greece was on the last place in the EU ranking.

    Based on the recent political meltdown, Hungary will be terminated in the EU. Even the last place will be a compliment to Orban.

    Europe must shift to emergency gear, and remove the regime, by dragging the whole administration in the international courts. These non-European regimes, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Gaza, Sudan, Libya, Syria must be indicted, too.

    We need a new UN security council, without Russia and China, which can harness the international chaos. Probably, Germany must chair the security council.

    The USA is not worthy of the leadership position.

  6. “First the turkey–then perhaps there will be an ambassador.” A picture under the headline showed a Thanksgiving turkey with the caption: “Let’s hope we will be grateful too!” — What is shown is not, I believe, a high-keeled turkey, legs at mid-body, but instead a long, low goose, legs well behind the carcass centre. Again: So much for reportorial skills at ESTI HIRLAP.

  7. Hungary, Hulsemann and Hearts

    (1) Relieved if Mr. Goodfriend stays on. He is the best thing that has happened to (and for) Hungary in a half-decade. (But of course that really means positive US diplomacy and policy, of which Mr. Goodfriend is merely a highly professional — as well as a sympathetic and personable — reflection. He will be an invaluable asset to the new ambassador.)

    (2) The link to Webster’s letter to Hulsemann seems to be wrong:…%20forming%20and%20expressing%20their%20own%20opinions%20freely%20and%20at%20all%20times%20upon%20the%20great%20political%20events%20which%20may%20transpire%20among%20the%20civilized%20nations%20of%20the%20earth.%20Their%20own%20institutions%20stand%20upon%20the%20broadest%20principles%20of%20civil%20liberty;%20and%20believing%20those%20principles…%20to%20be…%20in%20fact%20the%20only%20principles%20of%20government%20which%20meet%20the%20demands%20of%20the%20present%20enlightened%20age,%20the%20President%20has%20perceived%20with%20great%20satisfaction%20that%20in%20the%20constitution%20recently%20introduced%20into%20the%20Austrian%20Empire%20many%20of%20these%20great%20principles%20are%20recognized%20and%20applied.%22

    (3) Not OT: Please forgive me for still being unable to smile benignly, patriotically or triflingly at the heartless travesty of “Thanksgiving” that consists in sacrificing innocent, helpless victims, purpose mis-bred, brutalized and butchered in the service of a cruel rite that could not be further from what Lincoln said “cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible.”

  8. For those who possess the stomach (or lack the heart), search google images on “turkey slaughter”… (you’ll find a grinning Sarah Palin too, enjoying the spectacle)…

  9. Though I am no vegetarian I have to agree with Stevan re turkeys and my wife would too – she eats, well not everything, but absolutely no turkey.

    I still remember vividly when on our first holiday in the USA (Nov 2008, after Hungary became part of the visa waiver program)) we went into a Publix in Miami and she saw those poor gigantic overfed birds in the freezer …

    Back to the topic:

    I sure hope Mr Goodfriend will stay in Budapest to look at and comment at the Hungarian government ‘s idiocies!

  10. The right wing pundits and the politicians do want to dream on. The voters, especially the fidesz voters also want to dream on.

    However, Fidesz’ argumentation has always several layers. Fideszniks put a lot of hope on the recall of Goodfriend, then on a new Republican-lead committees, then on Jeb Bush (who they hope will defeat Clinton as Bush can probably carry Florida and has a latina wife) and so on, but in the end they think that this all really doesn’t matter.

    Orban’s strategy is always to let the pundits, intellectuals, politicians debate and talk, for that’s their job. As long as there’s debate, a media hysteria, a kind of discourse, few people realizes what this discourse replaces. Plus Orban knows that it’s always much more easier and natural to participate in the discourse than to act on the underlying issues.

    Orban is building South Stream, Paks 2 is relentlessly being prepared (HUF 28bn already earmarked, but the amount can be increase if necessary), the MET, Olajterv gas and oil deals continue, Orban rules Hungary like a dictator and is amassing his wealth which he can hardly reinvest any more — life goes on unperturbed.

    And that’s what really matters to Orban.

  11. Akiknek bejött az élet – part 534.

    Andras Giro-Szasz,the nerdy former head of Szazadveg, stróhman and cleptocrat is not only worth about almost a billion HUF (he was supposed to be a political scientist, a politilógus) is also heavily involved in a district 5 hotel project.Yes, that’s the land of Antal Rogan who is hobnobbing with feeble Germans assuring them that all is well in Hungary.

  12. Thanks Éva for pointing out Orbán’s ilk have no clue about how an embassy is functioning. Do the ignoramuses really believe that they can do harm with their scribbling?
    As a journalist observing Hungary from Vienna, I get the impression that Orbán & Co are in a catch 22 situation. If they give in, like in the case of internet tax they seem weak, if they continue their “war” against the whole world they certainly will lose.

  13. Serrano makes a good point – the media is consciously making a bête noire out of Goodfriend in order to distract the public from what Orbán is doing, and since Gyurcsány has receded as a threat.

    But I was hoping in this post that Eva would discuss an interesting comment from Remus yesterday, who posed that perhaps this “wishful thinking” that Goodfriend will be recalled on Dec. 1 is actually an indication of something more sinister: it gives the US an opportunity to recall him before Orbán declares him persona non grata.

    On the one hand, it seems kind of outlandish to suppose that, but why else would the Fidesz media make such a bold prediction of Goodfriend leaving and risk looking foolish if they’re wrong? Plus, nothing surprises me in US-Hungarian relations anymore.

  14. Dear Karl,

    Why would they “lose” with such war against the world? Serrano has a point here, until Orban can remain in power and continue to do his shady deals how can he potentially lose?

    Fighting against the fascists, the white colonialists, the jews, the out of control federal government, the EU, you name it (the symbol of everything bad), is a time-honored political method.

    Orban will continue to fight the world (except for Russia of course) because Orban (A) just loves to fight, plus (B) he cannot be defeated from abroad. No dictator can be defeated from abroad absent drones. Orban has no downside in this game.

  15. Eva – I don’t think they believe half of what they write. I think they know perfectly well that it’s all nonsense, and I think all that nonsense about Goodfriend is for domestic consumption, as are the rest of their lies. Recall – the whole Goodfriend affair was started by Fidesz via an article in Napi Gazdasag. I can only speculate that attempting to depict America as a bully (for excluding six Hungarians from visiting the US) was meant to soften the public and as an excuse for the turn toward Russia. The problem for Fidesz is not that they fundamentally misunderstand American politics – they couldn’t care less about American politics (or any foreign politics) – but that they are now so clearly out of touch with public opinion in Hungary.

  16. @Webber

    I agree with much of what you say, but definitely not with the argument “they don’t really believe that, they just say it” to this or that audience.

    I don’t exclude that there are some savvier Fideszniks who know better, I can even imagine that some of them still feed the Americans using back channels saying oh, don’t worry, we just do it for political reasons for the masses, but of course we know the reality, and we’re still friends of the US.

    (Apart from the fact that real friends don’t behave that way) This assumption about the real intentions or thinking of Fideszniks is a perennial issue.

    Average, even more sophisticated voters thought (hoped) for the longest time that oh, Fidesz is just saying that, they don’t dare to do that, that wouldn’t be in their interest, no, that would be too much even from them, these are just the boys behaving a bit too aggressive, but they know it better…

    Time and again, these people were proven wrong.

    In addition, if you talk to voters of fidesz and supporters of the government, people in the government (perhaps not the English speakers with whom foreign observers tend to talk) — they all seriously believe this ideology. I’m surrounded by educated (still) Fidesz voters and most have no problem with Orban or his Russian pivot.

    It is not a coincidence that Gyulla Tellér’s article was obligatory reading material and he was invited to give speeches very recently in various ministries to “educate” the bureaucrats. The Tellér-Dugin ideology is the default ideology now, including the Fidesz media, no question about that and it is a mistake to assume (still hope) otherwise.

    Just because Antal Rogan or Andy Vajna don’t believe in it and are much more cynical that that doesn’t mean that Orban and his pals don’t seriously believe in the fall of the West, which is the starting point when it comes to dealing with Western countries.

    But the bottom line is what you write: that they just don’t care about foreigners. Why would they? At most the Americans will get a bit “angry” (whatever that means), but they won’t send drones, so nothing’s gonna change.

  17. Webber – I think the government does indeed care about American politics. Otherwise, why would they have just hired an expensive former US Congressman to lobby US lawmakers on their behalf? ( Not to mention the money they pay the American-Hungarian Federation and who knows how many other US-based NGOs set up by Fidesz to lobby on their behalf.

    What I don’t understand is why they think lobbying the US government will be able to make up for these ugly attacks on US diplomats in the Hungarian media. I guess they think that different branches in the US government don’t talk to one another, or aren’t paying attention, or can’t read Hungarian, or that the Americans will believe that these media are “independent” of the government, etc. But the US is not that stupid, and Orbán can’t use the excuse “don’t pay attention to what I say to get elected” now.

    I guess Fidesz’s only hope is to appeal to petty greed and use their lobbyists to pay off somebody influential in the US government to promote their interests… That’s always worked for them here in Hungary.

  18. I love Mr. Goodfriend’s involvement. Fidesz and their minions are in panic mode as finally a diplomat stirred up the pot.
    Today there will be another demonstration in Budapest. This time as Orban tries to steel the remaining millions from those people who did not allow this bully to take their retirement savings at the first round. Opposite to what the minions spread, Hungary is not doing so well economically, and Orban needs more money to make it look like all is great. THe money from the EU, the stolen millions from the previous retirement savings are all gone, and Lazar cannot put his paws on the money from Norway either….

    As far as Pesti Sracok goes, I would really love if they would report on the connection of Orban and various murderers. For example how Orban hang out with soccer hooligans who were responsible for the 2006 riots, and paid the same people including a convicted murderer to harass, physically touch and intimidate peaceful demonstrators against Fidesz the last few years. I would also love to read about the connection between the axe murderer set free by Orban himself and the Azerii President who set the murderer free against international law, and who Orban invited from taxpayers money (that includes the Pesti Sracok’s tax dollar) to Hungary to wine and dine him.
    I am not sure about Pesti Sracok, but someone is attending the same event as someone’s attend who is supposedly someone’s friend does not frighten me as much regarding Hungary’s future as knowing that Orban is paying from my money to wine and dine supporters or murderers, and someone who hires murderers from tax payers money to provide security against peaceful demonstrators. Then again as far as making fool of Hungarian people goes Pesti Sracok, Magyar Hirlap, and Magyar Nemzet never shied away from the spotlight.

    I hope Zsuzsanna Kormendi does not refer to the new Hungarian textbooks when he is asking Mr Goodfriend to take a look.
    Here are some gem from the official Fidesz textbooks:
    “what happens to the moon in every 28 days is the same what happen to girls”
    “the country of the classical greeks”
    the greeks “felt that although people are smart, their body sometimes are not so smart as if their body on top would be smart and below an unwise animal”
    (a görögök „érezték, hogy miközben az ember okos, a teste néha nagyon nem okos, olyan, mintha az ember fölül okos lenne, alul meg oktalan állat”)
    “satyr are the ones who are running around in the forest at night craving for women”
    Zsuzsi! If you are reading, take a look on the math books too

    A short quote to Zsuzsi es Pest Sracok
    “In all ages the people have honored those who dishonored them. They have worshiped their destroyers; they have canonized the most gigantic liars, and buried the great thieves in marble and gold. Under the loftiest monuments sleeps the dust of murder.”
    ― Robert G. Ingersoll, Humboldt From ‘The Gods and Other Lectures’

  19. It’s really difficult (actually impossible, for me at least) to understand the motivation of Fidesz.

    Do they really believe “the West will fall” and the whole world will return to the dark Ages – which is what goes on in Russia, China, Turkey and the whole Muslim world – the age of Barbarism!

    And will they be happy when this happens? Racism, blind believe in some religion, homophobia, women as second class people, slavery – you name it!

    PS and not too much OT:

    Have you read Erdogan’s latest remarks on America, the position of women etc – he might be a model for Orbán …

    And to think that Orbán called himself a liberal once?

  20. utassy, to believe, that Orbán would declare Goodfriend as persona non grata is one thing. Another thing is that such an unfriendly step would have grave consequences that would not help Orbán a bit.

  21. Karl, yes, but, again, I contend that Fideszniks think that there can be no *really grave* consequences. Really grave not in the sense in which it would be grave to an Austrian politician, but to a wily Eastern European mafioso.

    Grave consequences are only those which would actually prevent Orban (and his Strohmanner) from building South Stream, profiting from shady Russian gas deals, erecting Paks 2.

    I have difficulty to imagine these consequences and so does he — absent perhaps sanctions similar to those which were issues against Putin and his coterie of oligarchs.

    Even then Orban and his lawyers would get around those American sanctions easily (I assume the EU would not issue similar ones).

    Foreigners tend to underestimate the staying power of dictators or the willingness of such dictators to do absolutely anything to stay in power. The EU doesn’t even dare to say out loud that Orban is a corrupt dictator, because that would be an open admission that it completely failed as a political entity.

  22. Utassy,

    You make good points, and you may be right about most of them, but when you write: ” he cannot be defeated from abroad. No dictator can be defeated from abroad absent drones”, you forget how the Soviet Union fell. Yes, there were people in the streets, but only at the end, after Gorbachev’s changes had made the system unsustainable. If the price of oil hadn’t stayed so low for so long (coincidence?) and the war in Afghanistan hadn’t sapped the budget so badly, we might be having a very different conversation about Hungary right now (or, more likely, none at all).

    Hungary is not the Soviet Union, and we are very susceptible to political and economic moves of other countries. If Hungary gets kicked out of the EU (or leaves), I doubt it would continue to be part of the European common market, and most of the German manufacturing (and probably most of the rest, including US, French, Austrian, etc.) jobs would leave, and Russia would be in no position to replace them. Hungarians have shown that they are not so patriotic that they would suffer widespread joblessness and poverty just for the principle of “sovereignty” from the EU. There are only so many hillsides to clear and churches to paint, so I don’t think Orbán’s “workfare” program could absorb all the discontented factory workers who have families to feed, and obviously those who don’t work don’t get to eat in Hungary. Add in the streams of Hungarians working abroad who would be kicked out of those countries, and you might see an influx of illegal Hungarian immigrants into Transylvania, as well as a somewhat larger demonstration in front of the Parliament.

    I hope Hungary doesn’t face this choice, but it is one way that foreign pressure could bring about regime change here. Another way would be if Germany gave the CIA the go-ahead to start playing dirty in the EU’s backyard, so to speak. They may be relatively incompetent, but the CIA is full of people who have about the same level of morality and conscience that Hungary does, so finally Orbán and his flock would be facing the same dirty tricks they’ve been employing against their own people. I doubt this will happen, since the US doesn’t really care enough about Hungary to resort to such tactics, but it has worked in other countries, and could happen here, I’m sure.

  23. Istvan, you make a mistake in thinking that Republicans and Fidesz wouldn’t get along just fine. There isn’t a statue of Ronald Reagen in Budapest for nothing.

    Opinion about Russia is not something set in stone. There were many twists and turns in that relationship and if a Republican president is elected in 2016 there could be other turns by that time easily. Istvan if you think a change like this is impossible just look at Orban’s recent speeches. There was an Orban interview in Handelsblatt titled „Nähern uns Russland nicht an“ . This was probably expected or required from Germany / Merkel and so Orban gave in and starts giving interviews like this. He could easily make more such changes if a Republican president requests this from him. Orban respects Republicans above all else, he has several Republican strategists and advisers in his larger circle.

    Regarding the US the latest Orban speech was mentioning sentences that sound very similar to “American exceptionalism” – which Republicans just love.

    Republicans would never attack Fidesz for mentioning Christianity in the constitution. For declaring that marriage is between one man and one woman, that life begins at conception and so on and so forth. What few issues and differences remain, Fidesz could easily change / cut back if required by a Republican president. But for that, a Republican president has to get elected first.

  24. @Buddy and Utassy – I also know some lunatics who are convinced (indeed, hope) that Spengler’s predictions on the fall of the West are about to come true. Those who haven’t met such people just have to watch Fidesz member Zsolt Bayer’s insane chat show, Hatterkep, on Echo T.V., or Ferenc Szaniszlo’s anti-American ravings on the same channel. I also agree that some of these people are in government, and have made policy at various points.
    My point only was that, with regard to Goodfriend and some other issues, “they” know they are lying. Obviously they know they are lying about Goodfriend – because they, and not Goodfriend, made the public aware of the affair through lies in Napi Gazdasag. Obviously, they knew the six names from the very start – about which they also lied. These lies are for domestic consumption. Another example of such lies was when, prior to the local elections, PM Orban and Finance M. Varga said that there would be no austerity program after the elections – indeed, that the opposition was dreaming when it said there would. Of course they knew that they would be introducing new taxes and cutting spending when they made that lie. They lie and lie and lie in the press, and these lies are for domestic consumption. They care a lot more about winning elections than about the opinion of this or that great power. Yet they truly have lost touch with public opinion, and I think they know that. They just don’t understand what they’ve misunderstood, or how it could be that, with their overwhelming presence in the media, the public is no longer behind them.

  25. @3g – you obviously don’t know many Republicans. Fidesz backing of Southstream, the concession to the Russians to construct nuclear reactors at Paks, stopping reverse transit of gas to Ukraine, and many other pro-Russian moves have outraged Republicans (just read the Washington Post), who are far more hawkish about Russia than Democrats. The Hungarian government’s nationalization of various companies and the takeover of private pension funds, taxing foreign corporations more than domestic ones, and massive corruption will also outrage Republicans. Indeed, Republicans are far more strongly against nationalization than Democrats. The inclusion of a former secret-police officer (Tasnadi) on the state security committee will outrage Republicans as much as, if not more than Democrats. Republicans, also, care about press freedoms, civil society, and a raft of other issues stressed by the Obama administration.
    If Fidesz people think things are going to get easier with a Republican administration in Washington, that only shows (again) how little they understand American politics. As to Fidesz’s Republican friends – if there are any, they are completely insignificant. But where are they? Top Republican senators, too, have refused to meet Orban.

  26. 3g the difference between President Regan’s time and now is significant. The basic doctrine of barátja az ellenségem ellensége az én applies I think. Russia and the Islamic state are now the enemies of the US and the Republicans like in their extreme anti-communism of the Cold War years will wip up hysteria over Russian Trojan Horses like Hungary.

    Putin needs oil prices well over $100 a barrel to keep Russia’s Rosnoft, profitable. We are already significantly below that number; and since Russia gets more than half its revenues from oil and gas sales, the current fall in prices in both commodities world-wide spell big trouble for Putin’s big plans for expanding Russia’s military — and for the Russian economy. On top of just being a bad guy Putin can now through his public pronouncements be portrayed by Republicans as opposing the decline in the price of gas which American consumers very much enjoy. Yes Hungary’s efforts to prop up the Russian gas exporting will be another point of attack against Orban as our relations with Russia deteroiate.

  27. 3g’s comments are a great example.

    Fideszniks want desperately to hope, believe in something also, not just fidesz voters. That the GOP will protect them, that only they have to wait until 2016 and they’re saved.

    And so they act accordingly: the peacock dance will continue (meanwhile the constriction projects are being built).

  28. There is no good outcome for Hungary.
    A minority of ordinary people are ok, but the decay is very advanced, if not terminal.

  29. I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the irony that the oppressive Austrian government didn’t want interference in Hungary’s affairs in the 1850s.

    After all, the Hungarians had just waged the 1848 uprising (or whatever you prefer to call it), and Hungary represented to the world the resistance against a powerful undemocratic centralized government. The Austrian government had just been murderously suppressing Hungarian nationalism. So the Austrians objected (I think) to what they considered the unfair assertion that Hungarians wanted national autonomy. And THAT’S what Körmendyis upset about?

  30. PS: Goodfriend’s link refers to the recently passed constitution. I assume that was the Kremsier Constitution of 1849 – here’s a link to the Kremsier Parliament:

    The Austro-Hungarian uprising(s?) lead to a constitution that was in some ways more liberal that the new Hungarian Basic Law.

    Does anyone care about this stuff any more? Petofi, is that why you named yourself this as a commenter?

  31. NYT article:

    Chancellor Merkel became frustrated with Putin on November 15, because he did not state Russia’s goals in the Ukraine. This explains Orban’s recent change of rhetoric with respect to Russia.

    Knowing Russian history, Putin’s aims are clear to me: splitting Eastern and Southern Ukraine
    from the rest of the country and either incorporating them directly to Russia or creating a Russian satellite state or states. He needs the Black sea coast like Odessa as well, up to and including Transnistria

    The majority of the population here is Russian-speaking, although most of them are ethnic Ukrainians. I do not think Putin wants the hostile Western Ukraine, and he is probably willing to give up on Kiev as well.

  32. Re: Ukraine

    To understand Ukraine, one has to separate ancestry (ethnicity) from spoken language at home. I found a sociological study about voting preferences from 2005.

    It clearly shows that the language spoken at home was the crucial factor over ancestry in choosing Yanukovich (1) or Yushchenko (2).

    (1) – (2)

    Russian speaking Russians: 81% – 11%
    Bilingual Russians: 62% – 19%
    Russian speaking Ukrainians: 60% – 28%

    Bilingual Ukrainians: 44% – 42%
    Ukrainian speaking Russians: 42% – 50%

    Ukrainian speaking Ukrainians: 12% – 81%

  33. @tappanch

    C,mon. There’s no change in recent rhetoric by Orban towards Russia. That’s wishful thinking. Szijjarto had a jolly good time with the clever Lavrov. Orban is planning further personal visits to Putin.

    At most, Orban is more actively pursuing third rate German politicians than before.

    But all the Russian deals go on with full speed and there’s no plan whatsoever even to suspend, let alone abandon them. Even as a peacock dance, this show in Germany is half-hearted at best.

  34. wolfi
    November 25, 2014 at 5:52 am
    It’s really difficult (actually impossible, for me at least) to understand the motivation of Fidesz.
    Do they really believe “the West will fall” and the whole world will return to the dark Ages – which is what goes on in Russia, China, Turkey and the whole Muslim world – the age of Barbarism!

    Maybe they do not believe it but they certainly preach it. As much I loved Tibor Dery’s/Gabor Presser’s “An Imaginary Report on an American Rock Festival”, a musical that took Hungary by storm in the 70s, it was a great PR about the “immoral West”. Drug and alcohol abuse, youth with no future, etc.
    Take a look on the National (Fidesz) textbook (Irodalmi ikerkönyvek 7. Tóth Krisztina—Valaczka András Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó)
    Worship of the West in Our Time

  35. tappanch your presumption that Russia and Putin have defined and limited territorial intentions in Ukraine assumes rationality on the part of that government. Launching four Tu-95 Bear H bombers and flying 50 miles off the coast of California in July is not the act of a rational player. Six Russian aircraft, including two Bear H nuclear bombers, two MiG-31 fighter jets and two IL-78 refueling tankers were intercepted by US F-22 fighters on in September west and north of Alaska in air defense identification zones,

    Rep. Mike Conaway, a Republican by the way, and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, called the Russian flights in July “intentional provocations.” “Putin is doing this specifically to try to taunt the U.S. and exercise, at least in the reported world, some sort of saber-rattling, muscle-flexing kind of nonsense,” Conaway said in an interview. “Truth of the matter is we would have squashed those [bombers] like baby seals.”

    tappanch presumptions of limited intentions of the Russians does not make for a good defense strategy. I believe our military is assuming the worse intentions on the part of Putin.

  36. Heavenly days! The roast goose has disappeared, replaced now by a PROPER TURKEY. Down the memory hole with the goose… I had thought the image came from ESTI HIRLAP, but I must have been wrong.

  37. 8^) — that is, smiling Wondercat — Prof Balogh, when you’re standing over the bird at table, entrusted with the carving fork and the knife, and you want to separate the thigh at the hip-joint cleanly, to slice off the breast-meat in even, smooth tranches, EVERYTHING is a question of comparative anatomy. Anseriformes, that is, waterfowl require a very different order of battle from gallinaceae, that is, from pheasant, turkey, chicken. God is in the details, as someone will have said somewhere sometime… Happy Thanksgiving, and many, many thanks for HUNGARIAN SPECTRUM in this year and in years to come! Yr. obsessive pal — WONDERCAT

  38. Well, Wondercat, I like to cook. Really! But I’m not good at cutting up birds. I didn’t like Esti Hírlap’s bird and so I was looking for a better looking one. It turned out to be a goose. That’s my luck. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  39. It is interesting how nobody called attention to the huge contradiction in this blog.

    According to this blog, Galamus is only “ALLEGEDLY close” to Gyurcsány. (first I thought it was a joke):

    “Galamus, an internet opinion portal that is allegedly close to Ferenc Gyurcsány,”

    While Zsuzsa Körmendy and other unknown writers views are presented as the “Hungarian Government”.
    (The title makes the false claim that the government is “wishful thinking” and then the writings of Zsuzsa Körmendy are presented as “evidence” of the government’s thinking. This is the same as saying “Gyurcsany’s wishful thinking about …” And then citing this blog or Galamus as evidence for “Gyurcsany’s thinking”)

    Even though committed Gyurcsányists like this blog author, who are great supporters of Gyurcsany do think the same about most things I would still not accuse Gyurcsany based on something this blog presents. You should not accuse the government either for something Zsuzsa Körmendy writes. In my opinion, Galamus and You are the voices of Gyurcsány (which is very unfortunate for Hungary, because Gyurcsany only cares about power and nothing about the people of Hungary. He is willing for example to devastate Hungary’s international image because he hopes it will help him return to power) but you are still not the same as Gyurcsány and normal people can still make the difference between you two.

    I expect you are similarly able to also recognize the difference between Zsuzsa Körmendy and the govt.

  40. Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power at the 10th Anniversary of the OSCE’s Berlin Conference on Anti-Semitism

    Samantha Power
    U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations
    Berlin, Germany
    November 13, 2014

    “…In Hungary – where the extreme ethnic nationalist Jobbik party finished second in May elections, and where public opinion polling has shown a high level of anti-Semitic attitudes, the government has cracked down as well on the independent press and civil society groups. According to international media watch dog, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Hungarian authorities have pressured the media to tone down or abandon sensitive, critical stories and punish the journalists and media outlets that press ahead. All this at the same time a new government-commissioned monument to the Second World War depicts Hungarian “victims of German occupation” – but makes no mention of the major role the Hungarian government and citizens played in the mass extermination of Jews….”

  41. Gyurcsanyism,

    How in the world does Gyurcsány “devastate Hungary’s international image”? The only thing I can think of that you might use as evidence is anything he has truthfully said about what the current government is doing or has done, but that’s not Gyurcsány’s fault, he’s pointing to what is already in international news. All devestation that has befallen Hungary’s international image in the past 4 years has been wrought by Orbán and his slavish followers, nobody else.

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