Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy’s open letter to American-Hungarian leaders

Today I would like to share a letter written by Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy and addressed to three American-Hungarians active in Hungarian affairs–Maximilian Teleki, Frank Koszorús, Jr., and Eugene Megyesy.

Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy began his career as secretary to Prime Minister József Antall’s chief-of-staff. During the socialist-liberal government of Gyula Horn he attended Harvard University and received his master’s degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government. After Viktor Orbán won the election in 1998 he returned to the prime minister’s office as chief-of-staff of István Stumpf, the minister in charge of the office. Between 1999 and 2001 he was adviser to the foreign ministry. Between 2001 and 2004 he served as Hungarian consul in Los Angeles. Later he served in various capacities in the Ibolya Dávid-led MDF until 2010. He describes himself as a liberal conservative. Currently he is a member of the presidium of the Democratic Coalition (Demokratikus Koalíció).

Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy

Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy

Maximilian Teleki is the president of the Hungarian American Coalition, which describes itself as a politically independent group standing up for Hungarian interests in the United States. In fact, the Coalition is closely associated with the Hungarian right and with defenders of Viktor Orbán and his policies. The same can be said about The American Hungarian Federation, whose president is Frank Koszorús, Jr. Koszorús just received high honors from the Orbán government. The third recipient is Eugene Megyesy, an environmental lawyer who used to be associated with the Colorado law firm Dufford and Brown. Formerly he was honorary general consul of Hungary in the region. Currently he is an adviser to Viktor Orbán.

It was only yesterday that Teleki, who by the way does not speak Hungarian, defended Viktor Orbán and questioned the United States’s right to criticize “democratic developments” in other countries. And, he continued: “Can our wisdom override the will of the people?” He is deeply ashamed of the superficiality of American politics and media when it comes to judging Orbán’s Hungary. He is deeply disappointed, and his trust in “our leaders has been shaken.”

Judging from Maximilian Teleki’s reaction, I doubt that he or any of his fellow American-Hungarians will take to heart Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy’s request “to live up to the democratic heritage you cherish in America.” 

* * *

Mr. Maximilian Teleki
Hungarian American Coalition

Mr. Frank Koszorús, Jr.
The American Hungarian Federation

Mr. Eugene Megyesy
Senior Advisor to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
Former Honorary Consul General of Hungary in Colorado


Budapest, December 4, 2014

Dear Messrs. Presidents,
Dear Max, Frank and Gene,

As you are aware several senior Hungarian individuals have recently been banned from the USA by the application of Presidential Proclamation 7750. This is an absolutely shocking and unprecedented action within the transatlantic community because it means that a) the US government considers persons close to the Hungarian government a direct threat to US national security and b) the US administration supposes that these individuals would not be persecuted for their alleged unlawful activity in Hungary. By this the US government says nothing less than Hungary is not a democracy because in a democracy illegal activities are investigated and punished.

The application of PP 7750 was preceded by other worrying events. Formerly President Obama stated that “from Hungary to Egypt, endless regulations and overt intimidation increasingly target civil society”. President Bill Clinton was even more straightforward when he said in the US Daily Show that Mr. Orbán was an admirer of “authoritarian capitalism” and never wanted to leave power. “Usually those guys just want to stay forever and make money” he added. This week Senator John McCain called Mr. Orbán “a neo-fascist” leader and he also stated: “Prime Minister Orban has justified his actions by calling for a new state model based on ‘illiberal democracy,’ but his vision defies the core values of the European Union and NATO. Please note that nobody attacks Hungary or the Hungarian people, only certain concrete actions of the Hungarian government! While one may consider the plentiful critical and even harsh journalistic statements that have appeared in the international media partial or exaggerating, similar statements by senior US officials must be taken seriously. Because all of us are sure that US presidents, the secretary of state and congressmen are interested in nothing else but the stability of the transatlantic alliance, the spread of liberal democracy and the prosperity of our community.

If all of this is true we must seriously analyze the facts that led our American friends arrive to the above mentioned conclusions. These facts have been published widely in the past four years. For example, Secretary Hillary Clinton referred to these some time ago and several official documents reflect US concerns. The US administration has always been consistent: they observed problems, consulted with relevant Hungarian authorities and officials, made statements when repeated consultations did not produce results and then acted. The US concerns regarding the measures of the Hungarian government (e.g. the slow abolishment of checks and balances, curtailment of the freedom of press and civil liberties, structural corruption, fight against free market economy etc.) naturally result in actions. Responding to these concerns the Hungarian government has always been cynical and aggressive and no progress has been made in order to improve democratic processes and transparency in the country. In fact, from a democratic point of view, the situation in Hungary has deteriorated dramatically in the past few years.

Dear Friends,

Knowing you for ages and being aware of your commitment to liberal democratic values, I ask you where you stand on these concrete issues? This is time to be explicit and no dubious speech is accepted. You have helped the opposition of the dictatorship before 1990 and contributed significantly to the democratic changes twenty-five years ago. I am sure we share the same values and that is why I am very concerned that you are silent about the Orbán government’s activities. A lot of people call you friends of Hungary and they wait for you to speak up for everything Viktor Orbán and Fidesz is fighting against: freedom of speech, religion, enterprise, and transatlantic principles. We Hungarian democrats and proud patriots want to get ever closer to the West where our sovereignty can be complete: we know that there is no alternative for us to the EU and NATO and anybody who challenges these organizations is against both Hungarian and US interests. We also want to live in a regulated but free market economy that is based upon stability, security and trust, the rule of law, the respect of private property and equal opportunities. We refuse any discrimination among persons because we believe in the unquestionable respect of human dignity.

I respectfully ask you to live up to the democratic heritage you cherish in America, your Hungarian roots as well as your distinguished and well applauded accomplishments in the Hungarian-American community. Please, make clear that your friends are Hungarian democrats no matter what party they represent, if at all, and your foes are those, regardless of their party affiliations, who tear down the firm wall between democracy and dictatorship. Let us join forces and make a common statement in which we 1) confirm our commitment to liberal democracy, free market economy and our transatlantic community, and 2) condemn any attempts that weaken or demolish these ideals: our common ideals we have been fighting for on both sides of the Atlantic.

I look forward to your response.

With kind regards,

Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy
Member of the Presidium of Democratic Coalition


  1. “By this the US government says nothing less than Hungary is not a democracy because in a democracy illegal activities are investigated and punished.”


    This is like the lawyer who objects the prosecutor for depicting his client as a criminal. That is the whole idea, Mr. Kerek-Barczy. That’s the whole idea.

    Also not only the US government. Almost everybody on this blog and thousands on the streets of Hungary. When Ildiko Vida is in charge of investigating her own criminal activities as the head of the Hungarian IRS. That is not democracy.

  2. Dear Eva, I am not sure when the letter was written, but the Fidesz mouthpiece Magyar already published an “article” from Teleky
    I think where he stands is very clear. Where MN stands is also clear. THey support those who steal form Hungary,who mislead Hungarians, who distribute anything that left in Hungary to their friends, and those are not the USA and EU, but Orban and his friends.

  3. Bravo ! The critical silence in the face of the mounting evidence of Orbánist wrong doings, the uncritical embrace of Orbán’s corrupt, anti-democratic wheelings and dealings by all the people addressed in Kerék-Bárczy’s letter has been deafening for the past decade and a half. Time’s up gentlemen ! Sitting on the fence and branding all of Orban’s critics as traitors is no longer tenable. Wake up please and smell the roses 🙂

  4. @Some1. He wrote it on December 4. Next day Teleki said what he said. Kerék-Bárczy tried his best. I’m sure that he did not think that he would succeed in changing these people’s mind. But I understand that one must try to make them see that they are on the wrong side. They are not good Americans. I’m sure that Teleki would be very upset if he heard me saying this but this is the truth.

  5. A bit OT, sorry, but since you mentioned Eugene Megyesy I really have to tell a funny story about him:

    When I moved to Denver, I actually called up Mr. Megyesy’s office since I was curious what he did as the local honorary counsel there. It turned out that the number to contact him was his law office, located in Downtown Denver. His secretary told me that, no, she wouldn’t connect me to him because “he really doesn’t do much as the counsel.” I swear to God, those were her exact words. So I was puzzled, why would he have this title if he doesn’t do anything? Vanity?

    Well, as it turns out my bank was located right next to his office:,-104.9873978,3a,75y,103.74h,85.61t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1snHrdoCHVDu13s3aZPOLZEQ!2e0?hl=en

    Megyesy’s office was the office building on the right. Now here’s a StreetView closeup of that lamppost on the left:,-104.9873992,3a,15y,96.37h,87.87t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sMElwhv_ZypcSfvaCrgQpGA!2e0!6m1!1e1?hl=en

    The sign on it says: Hungarian Consulate Parking Only

    So Mr. Megyesy took the role of Honorary Consulate, did nothing, and got free parking in Downtown Denver right in front of his office building. Not a bad gig!

    I should add that I got to know many of the Hungarians in the area through their cultural group and I never saw Megyesy at any of their events or heard anyone talk about him, so I got the distinct feeling he wasn’t a part of local Hungarian life either. Never even met the guy. So much for this Honorary Counsel!

  6. I have had the chance to meet Mr. Megyesy not so long ago in his office. The sign on his door read Miniszterelnöki Főtanácsadó – Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister, which kind of prepared me for what I was to hear inside. Mr. Megyesy lectured me on how great things were in Hungary. On how unjustified the “attacks” and critiques of the past four years have been. Within seconds I understood that the man was enamored with Viktor Orbán. Mr. Orbán is his infallible leader, kind of a Führer (or, to paraphrase Mr. McCain, a Duce). Nothing will change his adoration for Mr. Orbán, for the regime, for the cause.

    I don’t even understand why Mr. Kerék-Bárczy bothered to include Mr. Megyesy among the addressees of his letter (I don’t know the other two gentlemen but as leaders of the Hungarian expat community in the US I sort of understand why the letter was addressed to them). What exactly did he had in mind, why should Mr. Megyesy react on this, what kind of a reaction does he expect?

    People in Mr. Orbán’s entourage don’t think. They believe.

  7. I have to say for Mr Teleki to call Senator McCain’s comments on the Senate floor “arrogant” seems incrediable to me. For Mr Teleki a leader of a small organization whose constituent member organizations recieve cultural grants from PM Orban’s government to call an elected member of the United States Senate and a decorated war hero arrogant for defending the interests of our nation is to say the least presumptuous.

    I do think every American has a right to question the foreign policy positions of our elected officals, but to buy into Putin’s argument that our country is attempting to undermine the democratically elected government of Hungary as the article discussing Teleki’s thinking appears to do is an entire different thing altogether. Teleki owes the thousands of patriotic American Hungarians a clarification of his thinking and not his comments through Orban’s mouth pieces.

    The United States of America and NATO are in a major conflict with Russia over that nation’s seizure of Ukainian territory in violation of all established international law. Now Orban’s government is undermining the unity of the west in this struggle. Does Teleki stand with his own nation in this conflict? Because if he does he surely cannot support PM Orban’s eastern opening orientation in the current situation.

  8. @Eva “He is another great Hungarian from the DC area”

    My God, that guy is a total lunatic! It actually reads like comedy.

    Hard to pick out a favorite passage from this insane rambling, but I think the best part was when he insinuated that McCain is in big, big trouble unless he starts apologizing right away!

  9. Oops! I apologize. I totally missed it. Kerek-Barczy is one of the good guys. Oh, well. I should stop reading HS on my phone while walking my dog in the rain. It’s an addiction.

    About Koszorus. Does his law firm still recieve significant business from the Orban government?

    The third article Eva quoted is by Mr Topolanczy. Now he is the real Fidesz Rambo! This guy reguraliry pollutes every mailing lists in his way. I remember him posting something on the Unicum list in the DC area about Charles Gati, something like “these people are not representing Hungary’s interest”. He is such a trooper. Funny how he signed that article: “former GS-13 government employee” (the GS scale is a paygrade scale).

    Interesting that many of these turul troopers actually worked for the us government. I think Mr Zoltani, who frequently posts here praising Orban also worked for Uncle Sam. I don’t care, I just find it funny. Kerek-Barczy is trying to appeal to the commintment to the democratic values. What is that actually?

  10. “Dear Friends, Knowing you for ages and being aware of your commitment to liberal democratic values, I ask you where you stand on these concrete issues?”… I cannot believe that Kerék-Bárczy calls them “friend” and assumes “liberal democratic” calues. His letter shows that he and his party are totally disoriented.. Koszorus is a Republican hack, Teleki is a paid by Orbán & Co. It is hard to believe but Teleki supported John Kerry long time ago… these guys are small scale operators with absolutely no real influence in Washington.

  11. In October Koszorus wrote a letter to Obama (they are reguraliry correspond with the White House trash can) and tried to explain the president that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way the Hungarian government is handling the Norwegian fund backed NGOs.

  12. These Gentlemen do not represent the American Hungarian community. Their organizations are better known in Hungary than here, in the United States. Mr. Teleki’s group, financially supported (kept alive) by the Orban regime, is a paid mouth-piece.Galas in Washington, a very poor web presence and the Diaszpóra Tanács in Budapest aside, their influence in null. On the other hand, Mr. Kerék-Bárczy’s letter should serve as a wake-up call to the other, active American Hungarian organizations, especially to our churches. For these so-called Christian Right politicians, in light of their actions are, neither Christian, nor right.

  13. The Hungarian Coalition is hopelessly blind, anti-democratic, and preoccupied by communist ghosts.

  14. I am a refugee from Hungary. I live the American Dream in Arizona. Never heard of the above mentioned gentlemen, promoting and defending the current political anomaly, or animal, called Prime Minister of Hungary, Orban Viktor, and his 40 thieves. (Ali Baba es a 40 Rablo).
    I was involved in the ’56 revolution as a 17 year old high school student. I was there where all the historic events took place.I heard Nagy Imre’s speech. I heard Sinkovics’s reciting the Szozat at the Kossuth Lajos ter…I loved being there, and I loved and proud of being a Hungarian…again, after years of pretending to be a good Communist Pioneer….I left because the Russian Tanks supported Kadar Janos would have put me in jail until I was 19, then would have hung me on a rope with the rest of us Pesti Sracok !!!
    As a dual USA-Hungarian citizen, I live part of the time in Budapest. I speak fluent Hungarian, I vote there and in the US also and keep in touch with intelligent patriotic Hungarians there personally. I know what is going on within available media and personal contact sources. The idea, that my Arizona Senator McCain’s comments about a pitiful person’s (political contributor’s) appointment as US Ambassador to Hungary were entirely correct, accurate and appropriate. His strong words about describing Orban as a neo-faschist is entirely correct. Anyone aware of Orban’s and his allies (Jobbik and FIDESZ) spoken words in the media and in the Parliament would agree. Antisemitism, anti-Americanism, Anti-capitalism is oozing out of their mouth. I voted for Orban twice, because the Opposition (Ellenzek) was so poor and incompetent, that I could not bring myself to vote for them. Now I am sorry!!! They could not have been worse for the country than this group of power-grabbing corrupt populist amateurs. The EU and NATO membership of Hungary is becoming an issue soon. I hope it will not come to that, because it would lead to isolation from the rest of the free world, and renewal of the Russian satellite status for Hungary. Listen to ATV on the Internet, Read Facebook comments in Hungarian, read Eva Balogh’s Hungarian Spectrum, and participate in discussion groups.
    Thanks Eva for this excellent forum. God Bless America and Hungary!!!

  15. It’s common knowledge that Mr. Megyesy is Orban’s trusted advisor on all matters American. Why, one wonders when he has nothing to offer whatsoever?

    Mr. Topolanszky, don’t even get me started. For at least 15 years, since he was fired from the State Department he hasn’t been doing anything at all (though lately he was supposed to work for Nézőpont, the other fidesznik ‘think tank’ besides Századvég), so he must be pretty happy that an online medium solicited his views on anything. (Comparing McCain to Gyurcsany? How clueless can one be?)

    Mr. Teleki: his CV is a joke too. No wonder he is loyal to Orban. He has zero experience with which he could get a normal private job, he is entirely dependent on Orban and he is useful only as long as he supports Orban wholeheartedly.

    Based on what they wrote, these people are hairraisingly ignorant and dumb.

    Whether or not these people are US citizens is irrelevant, they are foremost Orban loyal people. They need to be, they can’t keep up appearances and (economic) status without the Orban government.

  16. I really had to laugh aloud reading Topolansky’s wisdom …

    Poor Hungary! If you follow Topolansky’s “logic” the whole US has turned against Hungary:

    Not only Obama and Mrs Clinton, now even the Republicans – why might that be?

    Could it be that Orbán is doing something wrong – of course not! The little duce is infallible …

  17. @Wolfi, Topolansky. Quite something and what is really hard to believe that this Hungarian government propaganda publication called “Hungary Today” actually published it. Orbán & Co. could have come up with a different title for that rag since it reminds everyone of “Russia Today.”

  18. ” it reminds everyone of “Russia Today”

    Yes, that was the first thought that came to my mind – it’s so funny! Maybe the people responsible thought it might be a good parallel – because everybody knows that RT is the most objective news source available (end of sarcasm …)!


    Sometimes I really miss the opportunity here to use a smiley 😀

  19. Good to read Postings of Mr. Kmetty and other Hungarians who have no illusion about the postcommunist maffiastate. Whenever I lecture about Hungary, I start with the remark that I am against sweeping judgments and that Orbán and his ilk are not the same as Hungary or the Hungarian people.

  20. I am underscoring the words of Karl Pfeifer.

    Geza Kmetty is absolutely right.

    We all need a free Hungary that is proud of its 1956 Pesti Sracok!

    Geza Kmetty’ ideals must be adopted by all decent Hungarians.

    McCain will go down in Hungarian history, as one of our best friends.

  21. Re: Eva S. Balogh – December 7, 2014 at 6:21 am
    @o’magyar. DK anti-democratic? What are you talking about?

    Meaning the Hungarian American Coalition – as a supporter of the anti-democratic Orban regime.

  22. Meanwhile, Istvan Tarlos, the Mayor of Budapest (Fidesz) has gone to the Fourth Moscow Urbanistic (sic!) Forum to improve relations between Budapest and Moscow, which fell to a low point after he changed the name of Budapest’s old Moscow Square. By contrast, Tarlos has never felt the need to apologize for or even explain his renaming of Budapest’s Roosevelt Square. Orban once hinted that his critics should pay attention to what his government does, not what he says. So, going by that, priorities in foreign relations here, too, are obvious. Judging by actions alone, Russia is Hungary’s ally, the United States is not.

  23. Although Mr. Topolansky is quite capable of writing such an article (he is absolutely at that level of ‘sophistication’), I wonder if this piece wasn’t written by others. Hungary Today is Russian-style propaganda outlet primarily edited by security type people who are working hard to disseminate fidesznik talking points, like claiming fascism is an entirely Italian and ancient phenomenon (so Orban can’t possibly be neo-fascist), involving Ferenc Gyurcsany into the narrative by any means, referring to the still lurking (post) communists around the righteous fideszniks, Orban has been elected three times last year so his democratic credentials are unassailable and so on and so forth. There are just too many of these points bundled together in this ramble to sound natural. Although if it is true he was working for Nézőpont, which is probably more hardliner than Századvég (if that’s possible) than he could have mastered the fidesznik ideology, after all.

  24. That Teleki’s family is Erdélyi is consistent with his kissing up to Orban. The Transylvanian community here in Chicago for the most part is very supportive of Orban and his dual citizenship policies. The children from these families are raised on true horror stories of Romanian oppression of Hungarians, none of the history of Hungarian oppression of Romanians exists within this narrative.

    For many Erdélyi Budapest is like the golden city, a place of fantasy. If one reads the American Hungarian Federation website you will find an endless number of articles about Trianon. You can read this historical narrative: “Hungary, along with Germany and Austria, experienced rapid economic expansion during the latter part of the 19th century and into the 20th. This challenge alarmed France, Britain and Russia. Each needed a way to stave off Austrian-German-Hungarian economic competition. With the advent of WWI, France and Britain had their chance and began fostering anti-Hungarian sentiment among non-Magyar speaking Hungarian nationals. It is important to note that for over a thousand years, Hungary never experienced ethnic civil war. France, eager to weaken Hungary, offered to reward those nations and groups that assisted them in the war with large pieces of territory.” To say this is one sided is really an understatement.

    It is as if the Hungarian Nationalities Law of 1868 was never ignored and the use of minority languages was not banished almost entirely from administration and even court proceedings. That appeals by Romanians, Serbs and others to the Nationalities Law, where never met with derision or abuse during the time of the Kingdom.

    The Hungarian language was overrepresented in the primary schools and almost all secondary education was in Hungarian. By the end of the 19th century, the state apparatus was entirely Hungarian in language, as were business and social life above the lowest levels. The Magyarization of the towns had proceeded at an astounding rate. Nearly all middle-class Jews and Germans and many middle-class Slovaks and Ruthenes had been Magyarized. The percentage of the population with Hungarian as its mother tongue in the Kingdom grew from 46.6% in 1880 to 54.5% in 1910.

    What the AHF does is typical for Central European national chauvinists – the oppression of your own people is emphasized and the oppression of other nationalities by your own is ignored. Teleki is part of the sickness of Magyar chauvinism, a sickness that should have never have traveled with us to this great nation called the United States of America.

  25. Webber–

    Tarlós is in Moscow to settle the subway car deal. The originally Russian-produced subway cars running on subway line M3 must be thrown out as their average age is over 40 years. Orban, however, promised this deal to Putin.

    In order to get the deal done legally, the deal will most likely designated as “renovation” so that practically only the original Russian producer could qualify.

    In theory, others could bid too and even offer a smaller price, but in reality nobody outside the Russians is in a position to change spare parts in an economically viable way, since such bidder would too have to purchase those from the original Russian producer.

    If it was a tender about new cars then obviously other could participate too with a real potential to win. An interesting point is that the cost of renovation will likely be higher than if Budapest was purchasing entirely new cars (calculating based on the brand new Alsthom cars Budapest purchased for subway line M2 and M4).

    This is really a chronicle of a death foretold, as the articles about the promised deal (of a normally open public procurement tender) to Moscow have been appearing for a few years now. Whether of not this will be “renovation” eventually, the deal is for the Russian producer to win.

  26. @Well –
    Either you’re wrong, or Tarlos has been lying. Tarlos himself denied that his visit had anything at all to do with the renovation of Metro 3. And Tarlos personally said he was going to Moscow to sweeten relations made sour by the re-naming of Moscow Square.
    I quote:
    “Nem tárgyalok a 3-as metróról senkivel, amíg a kocsibeszerzésre kiírt pályázat le nem zárul” – idézték a főpolgármester válaszát a lap szombati számában, miután a jövő héten az orosz fővárosba esedékes látogatásáról kérdezték.
    A főpolgármester elmondta, látogatásának célja a Moszkva tér három évvel ezelőtti átnevezésekor kirobbant konfliktus rendezése, a kapcsolatok bővítése.
    Ezen felül – kísérőivel – részt vesznek egy városfejlesztési konferencián – tette hozzá.

  27. Bravo to Geza Kmetty.

    It’s so reassuring to be at last hearing more and more from the enlightened, decent, thinking Hungarians who — we had always been hoping —represent the true but hitherto silent majority that vastly outnumbers the far more visible and vociferous and sinister strutting and tergiversations of the Turul Trolls.

  28. @Stevan:

    Your link to Kmetty doesn’t seem to work Is he the guy who does “Value Engineering”?

  29. Reblogged this on BackChannels and commented:
    This week Senator John McCain called Mr. Orbán “a neo-fascist” leader and he also stated: “Prime Minister Orban has justified his actions by calling for a new state model based on ‘illiberal democracy,’ but his vision defies the core values of the European Union and NATO. Please note that nobody attacks Hungary or the Hungarian people, only certain concrete actions of the Hungarian government!

  30. Quite an interesting read, comments included. I must admit I’m baffled though.

    I don’t want to offend anyone, but if I’m not mistaken the last significant wave of Hungarian emigration to the U.S. and Canada was 50 years ago (Roma excepted) and the world has changed considerably since. While it seems only natural that those of you who live in a North-American country pay attention, individually, to what is happening in Hungary, today all these ‘American-Hungarian’ and ‘Canadian-Hungarian’ organisations seem pretty irrelevant and unimportant.

    Am I missing something?

  31. @Marcel, No, you are not missing anything. Moreover, I think that these organizations do get generous subsidies from the Hungarian government. Otherwise, I can’t fathom how they have a yearly income of 2 million dollars.

  32. @Marcel: There was a smaller wave of immigration in the eighties. I (and others) tried to become part of some sort of Hungarian community (I am talking aboutToronto), but any attempt to form or become a “member” of any Hungarian movement failed miserably. THe Hungarian House at the time was filled with a whole bunch of oldies who did not want to have anything to do with the Jews. The immigrants of 56 accused the new immigrants of being brainwashed by the communists, the Magyarok Vilagszovetsege broke to two pieces and kept accusing of each other with who knows what, they opened a gendarme museum, many of the members of the Hungarian House used the “uram-batyam” names, they appointed each other with all sorts of titles. At any case it was not a pretty scene. Since then the House was sold, there are all sorts of guessing going on what happened with the money, who represents Hungarians in Toronto, etc… THe whole scene is Hungary in a nutshell. Maybe it improved but I doubt it..

  33. @Eva – They are, of course, subsidized by the Hungarian government, as are other organizations. $2 million is nothing. One of the larger of these organizations got a $15 million subsidy and is coordinated directly by the Prime Minister’s office. It carries out smear campaigns against people who criticize the Hungarian government, in addition to putting out more regular propaganda. It’s all an embarrassment, and an enormous waste of Hungarian taxpayers’ money – funds that might otherwise be spent within Hungary, creating jobs and improving lives for everyone. People who work for these organizations and take these funds should be ashamed of themselves.
    Here are some stories with financial and some nasty details, for those who speak Hungarian:

  34. I forgot to mention that the organization I mention above used to have a Facebook page – but it was so offensive that it was banned from Facebook. Goes to show what a “great” job they’re doing at improving the image of the Hungarian government.

  35. Here’s a quote from the Great O – “It would also be a great help if you were to let us know if some foul business (schweinerei) is being planned against Hungary.”
    Hence the spies and informers – not only in Hungary, but now abroad as well.
    In Hungarian:
    „Az is nagy segítség” – szólt ki a hallgatóságának – „ha szólnak, ha disznóságot terveznek Magyarország ellen”. Ezzel Orbán arra utalt, figyelni kell, hogy ne induljon kampány az ország ellen.
    You can be quite sure that people from such organizations in the US are watching this space, as are people in Budapest.
    According to the article from which I got this quote, the organization mentioned isn’t the same one as the one that other with a similar name (banned from FB), but a short glance at the board shows that it is exactly the same organization. They also have offices in Brusssels.

  36. While reading some of the posts, I happened on the secret of why Fideszniks are so loyal to Orban–without the coveted advantageous Orban doles out, these talentless, uneducated, people would be absolutely lost in the modern world. Orban knows what he is doing: these people have a loyalty that is grounded in their own survival. Without Orban’s largesse, they’d be thieves, or furniture movers!

  37. @petofi

    Sir, a count Teleki or Karolyi (the new Hungarian ambassador to France) or Szapary (current ambassador to the US) cannot possibly be a furniture mover, please don’t be ridiculous. What you’re saying is deeply insulting and humiliating. Is there no such thing as a sense of decency any more? This is where unbridled godless liberalism leads to.

    They are all noble people and as such they have entitlements. They represent the best traditions of an eleven hundred years old nation.

    Or are you envious of these gentlemen? Do I sense class hatred here?

    Mr. Prime Minister Viktor Orban, just as a humble Christian servant of our nation should, honors those entitlements.

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