In order to expand the reach of Hungarian Spectrum and to make the blog more accessible to its readers, I have been thinking about making some changes, which unfortunately will cost money, both a one-time fee to make the changeover seamless and a yearly fee.

What will we get in return? For starters, an individual domain name that will allow Hungarian Spectrum to be more easily recognized by Google Alerts. Although I’m pleased with the success of the blog, I think it is vital that it reach as many people as possible. With the appearance of the state-sponsored Hungary Today, Hungarian Spectrum was unceremoniously dropped from Google Alerts.

In addition, we will be able to have many features of that either we never had or that disappeared. For instance, if we change to the paid version, nested comments will once again be available. And I will be able to get technical help if something goes wrong which, as you know, has been happening a lot lately.

I’m going to put up a PayPal button. With this button you can either make a one-time donation or opt for a monthly subscription. (You can pay with any recognized credit card.) This blog, I should emphasize, will remain open to everybody. Subscribers won’t get anything special, not even a tote bag.

Enough panhandling. It doesn’t come naturally to me. Suffice it to say that if you think this blog is worth supporting, I’ll make the changes. And I’ll be very grateful.


  1. I want my tote bag.

    But even without one, I’ll fork out.

    Brava, Prof Balogh! Please keep on keeping on.

  2. I already posted at the end of the last blog entry when I discovered the donation tab at the top right corner that I hope I was the first one to donate. It is not panhandling by the way. Many news sites, blogs, youtube accounts generates money through advertising or subscriptions. If we want a Blog that is more professional (better options) then the current one, we have to pony up.

  3. @Eva, it’s not clear to me why but the QoS of Google Alerts has diminished as of late. I’ve noted that the Google Alerts that have been under-performing for quite some time. So, I’m not sure that any change you make will help if Google is not maintaining this service as it changes it’s page ranking system.

    All said, I’m happy to donate. Can you give us a hint at the magnitude of the donation you’re hoping for?

  4. Kedves Eva Nagyon jo otlet van is Paypalunk

    Udvozol es tovabbi jo munkat kivan Juli es Istvan

  5. Dear Eva,

    In no way is it panhandling. It’s crowd-sourcing an essential resource for an incalculably important historic service you are rendering to Hungary and to all decent Hungarians, a service only you can render, with your unique scholarly background, perspicacity, fair-mindedness and analytical skills. I’ve sent $250 and can do it again next year, if need be. I hope others will also contribute what they can toward ensuring that this remarkable and unique Forum can go on.

    Best wishes,


  6. Please periodically remind us to pay up, not like national public radio in the USA however, they drive me insane with their endless requests. None the less Eva your tireless work is amazing and deserves to be supported and I was happy to donate. I hope you aren’t snowed in yet again in Connecticut, it’s brutally cold here in Chicago.

  7. @Istvan, oh yes, we are snowed in and the furnace stopped this morning. We were without any heat all day. The temperature inside was around 40 degrees when I woke up and it did not rise substantially during the day. It just got fixed.

  8. I think @Stevan has summed it the best. Look at is as crowd-sourcing/funding for an important and vital service to ensure that the English-language world knows about Hungary – good and bad. When historians write about 21st century Hungarian politics, they will come to the Hungarian Spectrum for reference. Because I love Hungary and I am a citizen too, the $100 I have donated feels a token compared to the work you are doing Eva.

  9. As far as I’m concerned, you would be justified in asking for donations even if you were making no changes to the site at all.

  10. Hi Éva, I know that the response to these kinds of requests is often considerably better if you actually use a prompt and define the concrete outcome:

    Consider asking for “just a small sum – for example, if 50 people donate 10 dollars each…then the I would be able to a, b , c for 2 years”

    This can motivate individuals to give their ten dollars. otherwise they may be unsure if the size of their donation is adequate/exactly what the outcome will be etc.

  11. I think that by giving a monthly donation I make sure you won’t be able to retire 🙂
    BTW you maybe should put the PayPal button under your entry instead of underneath the comments; it took me a while to find it.
    Good luck and thanks again for your (much needed) effort.
    OK, I can do without the tote bag, but I expect at least a signed photograph . . .

  12. I think you should make foreigners pay. And shut down the blog on Sundays so you can enjoy time with your family and church.

  13. Oh, I forgot to mention that Gabor Szeles a still Fidesz loyal oligarch (with connections to the security establishment) posted the last two paragraphs on his home page.

    An oligarch who is financing the crazy, pro-Russian Echo TV and Magyar Hírlap refers to the “Liberal” Magyar Narancs, because…

  14. Are you really this poor, that you can’t afford a domain name and a wordpress subscription without asking for donations? I was under the impression that you were quite rich for some reason.

  15. @Hightower
    February 15, 2015 at 11:50 am
    What a vicious, mean, lowlife, uneducated thing to say. I thought Bill Gates is very rich too, but I do have to pay when I buy his software. Guess what, you pay by the form of watching advertisements for Magyar Hirlap too. Orban is rich too, but that did not stop him to get EU grants for his wife’s holdings.
    Oh, and just for your uninformed, and uneducated self, here is tidbit. It is not the WordPress subscription that cost the money. By the way, Eva did not ask for your donation, and the website works as it is. It is us, the more engaged readers who keep pestering Eva for better features on her site, and that is cost money. Why should she pay for the option of us having the option to edit our comments, or use nested comments.
    Where did you get the idea that Eva is “rich”? WHat is “rich” mean to you. You must be very rich to be able to be on the Internet.

  16. @Hightower
    We all accept that comments on blogs can reflect the rough and tumble of competing points of view and ideas. Sometimes these exchanges can get a bit personal. However there is a line that should never be crossed and that is a personal attack on the owner of the blog. That is a bridge too far and you have crossed it well and truly by impinging the motives of Eva and making comments about her personal situation. While Eva is more than capable of dealing with your comment, in my view you should be banned for such an ungracious comment. You have no right to attack the owner of any blog on their site and should, in my view, face the consequences of doing so here.

  17. Glad to have a possibility!

    Btw., the donation button absent from the mobile version even if the site otherwise looks and feels ‘responsive’. (Or I’m just clumsier than usual.)

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