How long will the Media Council play games with Klubrádió?

For some time it has been obvious that Viktor Orbán is determined to silence Klubrádió. The station must be a real thorn in his side. And when this man hates someone or something he goes after it with a vengeance. He managed to ruin Ferenc Gyurcsány when he was in opposition. So, imagine what he […]

Hungary’s image and the case of Klubrádió

Yesterday I wrote about the Hungarian government’s attempt to change Hungary’s image in the United States which at present is anything but positive. The Orbán government hired a public relations firm from Boston with offices in Washington, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications, to try to convince the American government, the journalists of leading American newspapers, and the American […]

Why did Viktor Orbán visit Brussels today?

Klubrádió noted this morning that Viktor Orbán’s visit to Brussels was rather strange. It resembled the kinds of visits newly installed prime ministers of member states make to introduce themselves to the dignitaries of the European Union. In this case the visit was obviously about something else since Viktor Orbán is no stranger in EU circles. The […]

Viktor Orbán: “No significant minority among ourselves”

A day before yesterday I wrote about the Hungarian reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris. Or, to be more precise, about Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s long-held views on immigration and multiculturalism and the right-wing media’s attitude toward freedom of the press. Orbán is against immigration, and right-wing journalists blamed the victims for the tragedy. A few hours […]

Vladimir Putin’s impending visit to Budapest

Népszava, a social democratic paper, is generally well-informed about the “secrets” of the government. This time it surprised its readers with a front-page article announcing a planned visit by Vladimir Putin to Budapest sometime in March. Budapest, judiciously spurned by western political leaders of late, is becoming a hub of diplomatic activity. Angela Merkel is scheduled for a five-hour visit on […]