My name is Eva S. Balogh. As a twenty-year-old university student, I left Hungary in December 1956, after the failed Hungarian revolution. In late February, I arrived in Canada without knowing a word of English. After more or less learning the language I enrolled as a student at Carleton University, Ottawa, where I received my B.A. (hon.) in 1965, majoring in history. I continued my studies at Yale University, where first I received an M.A. in Russian and East European Studies, an interdisciplinary program, and later a Ph.D. in history. I taught East European history at Yale and published a number of studies on Hungarian foreign policy and party politics between the two world wars.



  1. Dear Eva Balogh,
    Thank you for your blog, as an expat in Hungary I find it really useful and informative. I am writing to suggest a post. As a non-religious person, I have previously not nominated a church as a beneficiary under Hungary’s 1% income tax law. However, if the following article is accurate, it looks like my 1% is (in effect) going to be allocated by default in future, according to the preferences mostly of religious people who select their own churches:


    I’d rather my 1% goes to a progressive, liberal church that does a lot of social good, rather than to conservative and fundamentalist churches that others might choose. I’d imagine lots of your other readers feel the same. However, information about Hungarian churches is difficult to find in English, leaving me at a loss to select the best beneficiary for next year from the list of recognized churches. Could you write a post on this? PS Feel free to email me at the address I’m giving!

  2. I’am half hungarian/and lived down south enough to gain the charelston S.C. ACSENT
    is it safe to move to budapest as an american and how much $ forint or dollars would I need to live safe and comfortable

  3. Hi There
    Really like your blog. I have a question – I will be going to Budapest on an Erasmus exchange for a few months. I notice that there is a National holiday on the 15th of March which is a Saturday. Does that mean that either the Friday or the Monday is a bank/school holiday or is it just the Saturday that is a day off. Thanks for your help.


  4. Dear Mrs Balogh,
    Why is your old Typepad site esbalogh.typepad.com in Hebrew? I looked up your website the other day and found that your old URL is still there.


  5. Dave Weston :

    Dear Mrs Balogh,
    Why is your old Typepad site esbalogh.typepad.com in Hebrew? I looked up your website the other day and found that your old URL is still there.


    If you open the site and translate the page into English it becomes clear that it is not my site. Someone is taking advantage of my name. I will report it.

  6. Dear Mrs Balogh, could you get in touch with me via Email? Let me thank you for the extreme valuable perspective you give Hungary. A lot of questions and uncertainties remain due to a lack of know-how of the hungarian language. Thanks, Marc

  7. Hi Eva,

    For your information: the Holocaust Memorial Center has now posted their professional opinion regarding the deportations in 1941 (because of the discussion around ‘Veritas’ and its chief) and the German ‘occupation’ of Hungary (the monument on Szabadsag ter). Available on the website hkde.hu.



  8. Hello; I am Robert and I live in Ottawa Canada. I was researching family history and came up with information that my late uncle, who had died in Jachymov in 1947, had been approached by a New York Times writer; Emile Havas. Apparently Havas offered my uncle a deal to give information about the mines and be allowed to immigrate to the US. That didn’t happen and my uncle died(?). Now I read about a Havas and an Albert Wass…………is this Havas the same as the Havas meeting my uncle ?

  9. Robert :

    Hello; I am Robert and I live in Ottawa Canada. I was researching family history and came up with information that my late uncle, who had died in Jachymov in 1947, had been approached by a New York Times writer; Emile Havas. Apparently Havas offered my uncle a deal to give information about the mines and be allowed to immigrate to the US. That didn’t happen and my uncle died(?). Now I read about a Havas and an Albert Wass…………is this Havas the same as the Havas meeting my uncle ?

    Yes, I assume so.

  10. Dear Mrs Balogh, I have recently found our blog and have enjoyed what I read so far. I have traveled to Budapest five times since 2010 and have recently found out I have Hungarian heritage. I appreciate you are taking the time to write about your views. As I learn more about the history, people and now trying the language I am more interested than ever. I look forward to many more posts. Todd

  11. Dear Dr. Balogh,

    I am a long-time reader of your blog — an excellent source of information I turn to every day. I am writing you because a documentary photographer would like to send you some photos of the Holocaust memorial site before and after the Hungarian election. Could you contact me by email about where she could send them?

    With many thanks,

  12. I like you Professor and says a lot coming from me because the Professor(s) I have come across in the past do not produce the “fruit of their labor” like you do. Keep up your original work and do not change a thing!

  13. The new movie, Walking with the enemy”, is a curious and troubling film you might comment on. That it was seemingly filmed in Romania is interesting; and the almost total absence of a Jewish texture of the Jews in the film – the father was a rabbi, but the son did not wear a yahmulka at home, in the countryside; no mention or even a visual of the Dohanyi synagogue in Budapest…. But more, it appears to be channeling the cleansing of Horthy which is currently on display. The Reviews are obvious and trite; little awareness is evident of “what” was actually being presented in terms of Hungary, or Jewish identity and history during the Churban.

  14. Dear Eva, would you care to share with me your private email address for occasional exchange of views on issues of common interest by responding directly to my yahoo address below (i.e., not, repeat not, via this blog)? Thanks much.

  15. Dear Eva,

    Do you have any idea if Attila Cernok has been translated into other languages. One book appeared in Finnish, just recently as “Katkennut Silta” (Broken bridge). I assume that it is “A komáromi pontonhíd” or? My Finnish is not that great though so I’d rather read it in say English.

  16. Dear Mrs Balogh,
    Thank you for your former post on Imre Roboz as he was one of my grand mother’s uncle : It was a great surprise knowing more about his life thanks to you !

  17. Hi,

    I just want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been reading your blog for more than couple of months and now I have learned a lot. It’s a tough job to keep a blog going and I truly appreciate it. I really like to submit my post on your blog (as guest post) with my website link. Please let me know your interest in accepting guest posts for free of cost and I’m ready to discuss my contents with you, I promise you with quality and 100% plagiarism free content.
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  18. Sincerely, reading the article on history of Hungary, one can say: With that tipe of study, Hungary needs no enemies.

  19. hello..everyone..Please advise me with my problem…My Hungarian boyfriend wants to live with him in Hungary with my kids..I do not know how to start..I want to work there but am still looking for an employer..I once visited him in Nyireghaza and stay in Budapest for 3 weeks..I really love him..am from the Philippines working at the Department of Health as a Midwife..
    Hope to hear a good advises from all of you.

    Thanks and God Bless

    Julie G.

  20. Hello Eva, Have you read anything recently about the Hungarian Goverment making it easier for Americans to obtain citizenship? I inquired if I was eligible through Jus sanguinis or through the simplified process. I was informed that I would be eligible via Jus sanguinis as long as I could show my bloodline to my granfather and did not have to show when he left Hungary. Also, they will accept all documents to be submitted in English without official Hungarian translations. Thank you for your time. Todd

  21. Hello Mrs Balogh,
    First, I’d like to thank you for this blog, since it gives us the opportunity to have broader info about Hungarian politics, economy and society. I’ve learnt a lot from this wonderful blog.
    I have a question for you, and your help about it means a lot to me.
    Currently, I’m a graduate student in İstanbul in subject of International Political Economy. The subject topic of my thesis is ‘The Political Economy of Conservatism: Comparision of Turkey, Hungary and Poland’, I’d appreciate if you could suggest some reliable sources (I could especially use some sources which have a historical perspective) about the economic policies in Hungary (preferably about agricultural policies and informal sector, but other topics are surely welcomed :)).
    You can also reach me via e-mail,
    Thanks from now on.

  22. Dear Éva S. Balogh
    Your website and Richard Field’s Budapest Beacon are the two indispensible English-language online sources of political news in Hungary. They may not be strictly impartial but wayward governments get the watchdogs they deserve. It is fortunate that we have them.
    Christopher Maddock

  23. Dear Christopher, you are very kind. Yes, you are right about Budapest Beacon. I already forwarded your comment to Richard. Thank you and I’m sure that he will be very happy.

  24. Is there anyone connecting to this blog that knows any information about the “false father law” concerning birth records/certificates in Hungary? Apparently there are three circumstances where it is allowed to put an imaginary name for paternity? Are the clerks leniant on this? Also researching information on domestic abuse and violence against women in Hungary if you have any insights as to why someone might not want to be listed as father or why a mother would fear listing a partner as father? Is it required to list a father on a Hungarian birth registration?
    Thank you, Geralyn

  25. My name is Hyunju Lee and I am a writer at a radio station in Busan, South Korea, 90.5 BeFM (Busan English FM / http://www.befm.or.kr).
    BEFM is the one and only English radio broadcasting station in Busan and we cater to English speaking foreign listeners and Koreans.
    I am requesting an interview to speak to you about Hungary protest.

    We hope to connect with you and conduct the interview on November 20th 08:15 am in Korea time.
    We would like to interview with you via phone. It will be air live. It will take 12~15 min.
    We would like to invite you for a radio interview for the program ‘Morning wave in Busan’,
    which is the anchor morning radio show that covers current issues, news, and information.

    We would like you to comment about Hungary protest.
    We will provide you the questions to the interview by email in advance.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon. Our listeners in Busan would love to hear about your project.
    I look forward to your prompt reply.

    Warm regards.
    Hyunju Lee
    Writer of ‘Morning Wave in Busan’

  26. I recall your writing that Orban tends to double down (not your words) when he has a set back. It’s like ” you score a goal, and I’ll score two”. Perhaps this is what the Sunday Blue laws are about. I have a feeling that Viktor’s megalomania will be the end of him politically.

  27. Pingback: URL
  28. dear mrs Eva Balogh,

    Did you write ever about the musea-park-plan in Budapest, the Liget project?
    I read that mr Wim Pijbes ( director Rijksmuseum Amsterdam) is in the commission for the architectselections. We want to tell him to quit with this and give him some more facts about this project and the political context.
    http://www.dezeen.com/2014/12/22/sou-fujimoto-house-of-hungarian-music-budapest-museum-park , is what I found.
    If possible can you give me more details?

    Thank you,
    Marien Meijering, architect

  29. Dear Eva Balogh,

    I would like to comment on your articles in which you reference Albert Wass, my father. Being one of five sons of, and having been raised by, Albert Wass, I find it extremely painful to read all the negative articles, which you, and others, have written about a person you know nothing about; but from only the negative propaganda and false accusations you have read. We certainly were not raised in the manner in which you describe our father. You need to get your facts straight, and I would be willing to help you in this matter. For one; he did teach at a high school military school for one year, but tought for several years at the University of Florida. And he was not a member of the Arrowcross. He definitely was not a fascist, or anti-Semite, nor ever preached to us, or gave us the impression of having ever been so. He was a loving, gentle, and caring person, and devoutly religious person, boy scout leader, and civic leader, which everyone that knew him, loved, and had the deepest respect for. I agree, that for some reason, the far right wing groups have embraced our father as their hero, for which we have no control, nor embrace. We, the five son’s of Albert Wass, hope that some day people will discover the truth about our father. that he gets rehabilitated and exonerated of the war crime charges, and that all these negative articles finally come to an end.

  30. Hi,

    I follow politics in Hungary. I do not read, write or speak Hungarian so I must use English language sources. I follow 9 online newspapers and blogs (including your) daily. (Sometimes I am baffled by what is considered news, but that’s another issue.)

    Yours is the only site that refers to a deal being struck between the Hungarian government and RTL Klub. I find a free “press” critical to democracy and therefor the RTL Klub issue to me is an extremely important. Could you post a link that explains the status of the negotiations and if they have been completed the terms of the agreement..


  31. @Article 7. The terms of the agreement are not public yet. We have only RTL Club’s confirmation that an agreement was reached. It has been also reported by the media that RTL Klub did not agree to any change in their reporting practices.

  32. Just to say thank you for your coverage of the Merkel visit to Hungary.

    It is very good to be able to read, in English, an insightful angle on the events there.

    And the comments about how Orbán continues to be belligerrent about how he runs the country, even with visiting dignitaries such as Merkel, are very disturbing, but might be understood in light of his personal family background, which I wonder if you are aware of?

    His father, so I understand, was a signed up hard-core member of the Communist party, and beat Orbán as a child. Viktor’s siblings were named Viktoria, and Győző (meaning “Champion”) – so we have Viktor, Viktoria, and Champion, which tells us something about the confrontational and brutish mentality of the household from which our Viktor sprang.

    Bito László, an eminent Hungarian writer, and world renowned physiologist, has surmised that Orbán’s power struggle and endless need for a fight at any cost, regardless of the ruination of Hungary, stems from a desperate desire to please his father. Basically, he wants to be loved by everyone, so surrounds himself only with psychophantic lackies, and goes berserk under criticism, which he takes very personally.

    I think this psychological take on what makes Viktor tick is accurate and important to bear in mind, but it is a sad reflection on Hungarians who support him and his bad behaviour, and are unable to distinguish between a credible statesman, and a damaged, self-serving desperado with his bandits.

  33. Hello Eva, great blog! I am new to Hungarian politics but getting increasingly interested in it in the framework of my PhD. I am indeed a PhD student at the London School of Economics and for my research I am looking for the maiden speech (i.e. the investiture speech Prime Ministers do when they are appointed to govern a country, and given a confidence vote) of Gordon Bajnai I suppose delivered on 14/4/2009. Could you help me to find it? In English or Hungarian, both are fine. Thank you very much in advance for your help!

  34. Your site needs repairing, does NOT accept Visa for contribution. Tried Feb 14
    Also I tried repeatedly to sign up, in vain.

  35. Thank you very much for thus blog, these informations & insights and your commitment!

    As a regular reader, I was glad to see that one can support this project by donations small and big – which I just did.

    I would like to take this as a chance to make a suggestion: It would be great if you could enlarge this blog regarding its base: Why not include writers from Hungary in order to provide more exchange and perspectives? Students, young journalists etc. would do 🙂

  36. I am extremely grateful for the generous contributions received already and I will certainly try to expand our horizons by inviting guest writers. We did have a few before, like Prof. János Kornai’s important essay just the other day, Prof. Kim Scheppele’s many legal treatises, or Prof. Charles Gati’s studies. Yes, we could do more. Thank you for the suggestion.

  37. Your blog titled “The Hungarian Government’s Flouting Of European Law And Human Rights” triggered the temptation to get involved with your blog. I was a regular reader (to date I have about 250 of your articles on my computer), but stayed away from commenting. But this one touched some nerves and here is my comment:

    I was a refuge with my wife and two small children in Switzerland and nobody complained on my behalf for that I had to stay in a refugee camp in Altstätten until my case was decided.

    I am not sure what is wrong with the general mindset of the ult-left liberals. Beside that they hate everything what Orbán does (and I am also not a fan of many of his doings) they should realize that the influx of so called refuges is nothing short of a nomad horde attempting to overrun our country. Just like the Mongols and the Turks in our history did now-days the Muslims would like to ravage our land. And they would if Orbán was the same backboneless politician as the Western so called “leaders” are. Supported by the misleading propaganda of the left-lib media (Fake News) Europe’s traitors in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and other capitals (thanks God not in Budapest as the liberal gang was destroyed by the wisdom of the Hungarian people) opened the floodgate for this modern age invasion to abolish the Judaeo-Christian culture of Europe.

    What is wrong with you Eva S Balogh? I understand that you do not consider Hungary your homeland even though you were born there, but that doesn’t give you the right to push the interest of this horde to freely roam the land of the Hungarian People against the overwhelming will of the locals? Why don’t you petition the left-lib immigrant loving American plebs to demand from your President Trump to bring the so much admired terrorist embedded horde to your land and have a few living in your neighbourhood or perhaps in your house?

    What gives you the right to judge the one of a few governments that fulfills its obligation to look after the security interest of their own people? This is not the usual “who steals more” that can be up for discussion rather it is the unfortunate necessity of defence against the disaster that your beloved ex-president and his secretary of state dumped on Europe when they pulled the pillars of the stable Middle East. They did a pretty good job destroying everything they touched and when it came to cleaning up the terrible mess they showed it onto the European Union.

    This is what Orbán rejected and by doing so he turned many of his opponents into moderate supporters. People like me value our culture and security much more than the money he and his cronies take out of the coffers which if it was not him than the Demszky – Fleto gang would steal anyway. The difference is that Orbán does not want our daughters and granddaughters being enslaved to become sex objects of a alien horde. It is very sad that an intellectual like yourself turns against basic women rights and real human values in order to vent out on their political opponents. You forgot that the locals also have human right to peace, security, happiness and protection against cultural rape.

    Based on your numerous blogs I came to the conclusion that if anybody can be called hatemonger, racists, left-lib fascist, intolerant and “know it all” exclusionist it is you Éva S. Balogh. You are one of those politically very very very incorrect people who have extremely strong opinion about something whilst you know nothing about it. So just sit in your plush high-back chair put your tired feet on the ottoman and back off when it comes to Hungary’s security and stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Even if you are well paid for it by your puppet-masters.

  38. Dear Éva S. Balogh,

    I understand and appreciate that this is your blog and you have controlling rights over the publications The question is whether it is right or not to wipe out all of my comments regardless of the content of them. This just proves my point, the left-lib is unable and unwilling to debate on levelled field. If you don’t have the advantage, there is no commenting.

    So here is my proposal…. you read my first comment in – The evidence is missing, but the Hungarian government claims “food discrimination”- blog which said “I guess they pay you royalty for using your name” and your response “That did it. I have been very patient but when someone calls me a paid agent I become less open minded.”

    As a highly educated academic you will have hard time to prove that it was a serious breach that justifies your capital actions. Let’s make peace and enjoy the benefits of my participation in your blog-page. You must realize that I brought some life into this dying site. So just take me off the delete list pls.

    With all due respect, Robert
    Ps. I still have all my replies in word so I can reinsert them when you top the moderation against me.

  39. I didn’t wipe out your comments. They are all there. But I find it unacceptable that you accuse me of being a paid agent of anyone. You could have continued your discussion as long as you don’t cross a certain line. You crossed it.

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