former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl

Helmut Kohl’s letter to Viktor Orbán

Below is a letter from former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl addressed to Viktor Orbán in which the elder statesman profusely praises the Hungarian prime minister. In fact, perhaps a little too profusely. One ought to know that in February 2008 Kohl suffered a stroke in combination with a fall which caused serious head injuries. Since then he has been reported to be wheelchair-bound due to partial paralysis and to have difficulty speaking.

Kohl in the letter assures his “liebe Viktor” of his absolute support and praises him for the joyful news of economic development under his tutelage. ATV turned to the European People’s Party wanting to know about the letter, but the inquiring reporter was told to turn to Kohl’s secretariat for details. According to some German sources, Kohl is no longer capable of writing letters. So who do you think the real author is?



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