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A hearty laugh for Christmas Eve

A few days ago Pope Francis celebrated his 77th birthday with three homeless men–a Pole, a Slovak, and a Czech–who had found shelter under the portico outside the Vatican’s press office. Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, who distributes charitable contributions for the pope, approached the men and asked them whether they would like to join the pope for morning mass and breakfast in the pope’s Vatican residence. Once they recovered from their astonishment they packed up their belongings, including a dog, climbed into the archbishop’s car, and were off to meet the pope.

As you know, Viktor Orbán’s rubber-stamp parliament just approved a piece of legislation that gives municipalities a free hand to ban the homeless from practically everywhere within the city limits. If a homeless person is caught in the forbidden locality he will be fined and, after repeated offenses, will be jailed. The outcry in Western Europe, especially in Germany, was great at the Orbán government’s criminalization of the homeless.

Gábor Pápai’s cartoon, which appeared on the front page of today’s Népszava, juxtaposes the compassion of Pope Francis toward the homeless and the heartlessness of the so-called Christian Hungarian government.

Nepszava karacsony

The poster says: VOTE FOR HEROD!